Top 5 Reasons You Should Visit South Korea


Shopping in Korea was absolutely incredible. If you know me personally, you know I’m always looking for new clothes to fill my closet. Whether I was looking for shirts, pants, accessories, handmade products, or just about anything else, I hardly had any issues finding what I was looking for. There are places like the one in the picture near AK Plaza in Suwon with tons of shops stacked on top of each other. If there’s one thing Korea knows how to do, it’s how to use every inch of space they have.


Night Life

Although I barely explored the night life in Korea, I’ve heard wild stories about a night out in the ‘hot places’ within the country. Places such as Hongdae and Itaewon offer people in their 20’s – 30’s a great environment to have a few drinks and just let loose at the clubs. From pubs to restaurants to the dance floor, the night life in Korea is what I might call ‘lit’. I wish I went out more at night, but I’m sure you’ll find me in the mix in the night life the next time I return to Korea.



For a small country, I was left speechless at some of the views I got to see in Korea. Places like the Han River offer any sightseer and adventurer a sunset worth taking pictures for the ‘Gram. The drastic changes from the city lights to the rural farms were quite the spectacle.



Moving to the U.S. when I was 6 is the biggest reason why my home country of South Korea felt so distant in terms of embracing my innate culture. When I went back this summer, I felt the need to study the historic places of the small little country I will forever call home. Every place I went to, I made sure to read up on the history so I’d never forget.


This picture does not do Korea’s wide selection of food justice. However, it’s not a bad start. Now, I know most of you probably are aware of Korean BBQ and while it is fantastic wherever you go in Korea, it’s not even the best that Koreans have to offer. If you’re into seafood, you can find yourself near the sea getting the freshest catches of the day. There are tons of street foods and traditional Korean dishes that’ll leave you wanting more. You will most definitely gain weight.


Not convinced yet? Check out my Instagram page for all of the pictures I took on my amazing two month trip to the Motherland. Thank you all for reading this piece and I hope to maybe see you guys in Korea one day.

Published by Luke Lee