Top 5 Rom-Coms That Will Break Your Heart

I'm a lover of so many movies, from horrors that give me nightmares to comedies that make me cry laugh. But everybody loves a good rom-com that they can cry at. If you don't, you're lying.

I've put together a list of five of my favourites, just in case you feel like you need a good cry.

Get the popcorn and tissues at the ready! 

5. Me Before You
This movie is fairly new to the UK so a lot of people are yet to see it. In my opinion, it's a must-see. Of course there are so many cliches that you'll find in all of the popular romantic comedies, but this one still broke my heart regardless. Without any spoilers, it's about a young man who is paralysed from the neck down and so needs full time care. His new carer comes along and they end up a lot closer than first expected. The ending I'm keeping a secret. I didn't expect it and it made me do that silent cry where you don't even realise it's happening!

4. Ghost

A fairly old one, going back to the nineties. Being quite young at 20, I've always looked at this film and thought: "Oh no, it's so old. I don't wanna watch that." But one day it was just on TV and I found myself drawn in straight away. It's a far-fetched story but it's another one that made me so emotional at the end. I won't give away anything, but look out for the coin scene. Absolutely broke me. 

3. The Notebook

Of course this one had to be included in the list. This features a woman with dementia and her husband who is trying to make her remember her past. Having experienced this with a family member, I can never ever watch this film without bawling my eyes out. It's not just a good film because Ryan Gosling is absolutely beautiful, but that does help. It's just an amazing storyline that really makes you feel like you're a part of it. 10/10 on the heart break scale.

2. The Fault In Our Stars

I'd heard so much about this because whenever something John Green related comes out, everyone already loves it. Me being one of those people, because he is a genius. That being said, I didn't watch this movie with a very open mind at all and I really didn't expect much from it. How wrong I was. I fell in love with Augustus myself and his relationship with Hazel Grace was utterly adorable. I just loved everything about this film but again, the ending made me so so sad. Having focused your attention of Hazel's illness, the actual ending is so unexpected and I think that's what makes it even more emotional. 

1. In America

Every time I talk about this film, nobody has ever seen it and that is crazy to me because it's such a good movie. It's one of those films that I had to pause during the sad parts to sob and then gather my thoughts and pull myself together. Sounds dramatic… I'm not even joking. It's about an irish family who are very poor and move to New York. They had recently lost a son before they moved and had to live with the guilt of him falling down the stairs. All I can say it, you absolutely MUST watch it at some point in your life because it's so moving and thought provoking, I've never seen anything quite like it and nothing else has made me cry so much. 

Hope you enjoyed reading and I hope even more than you can now sit down with some tissues and snacks and have a good cry at these movies. 

Megan x

Published by Megan Quill