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As you can see from the title you have guessed it’s another musical blog post, and quite literally I am going to share my favourite Christian rock band songs that I love to hear and listen to, so if you want to know more about these, carry on reading.

1. The Letter Black – The Best of Me. – starting with my ultimate habit and favourite, the letter black reminds me of evanescence and mightiest Nightwish moments with there music, however this song means very special thoughts as it really is myself saying that I will give the best of me to the Lord, it’s singable and a good one to really remember that we don’t need to be perfect and we’re not but God is!


2. Plumb – Need You Now. – plumb is a very powerful band. I adore there music and this song particular has healed my many bipolar moments and I heal to the song and allow my tears to remember I need to the Lord every day.

3. Group 1 Crew – Forgive me. – originally heard from One Tree Hill TV show and still one of my most great tunes, reminding that although we walk through the shadow of death we will not fear for God is with us.

4. Casting Crowns – Who am I – this song is a strong reminder of who we are when we come before the Lord.

5. Casting Crowns – city on the hill – another amazing song. I have a lot of Casting Crowns on my Christian playlist which you can find here, this song reminds me of how the gospel started. 


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