Vadodara is a beautiful city flanked by perennial rivers Narmada and Mahi. The city is quite popular by the name “Sanskari Nagari” denoting the city of culture and no doubt, the city does justice to its name. The gallant and vibrant history of Baroda, amazing taste in art and architecture and the ethnic values of the place make it unique amongst all the other well-known cities in India. What to do while in Vadodara is a question that pops into the mind when select this particular city for vacation. Here is the answer; a list of five must do things in Vadodara is as follows:

Hop into fun land at Ajwa Fun World:

To top the list of fun and amusement water parks in Vadodara is Ajwa Fun World. Due to the level and number of rides that this park offers, the water park in Vadodara has claimed its position in the foremost. The whooping fun that visitors have in here, kids, adults, senior citizens, with family or loved ones, is something that is preciously created by the park. This park is the ultimate fun and frolic destination for fun lovers. So, definitely spend one complete day in this park and enjoy to the maximum.

Jaw dropping architecture at Laxmi Vilas Palace:

This magnificent edifice was built in Maratha style of architecture, revealing Indo-Saracenic revival and dates back to the Gaekwad dynasty. Even though an ancient marvel, yet modern day science like use of elevators can be found in here. The interior of the palace is such splendid that one might not just drop the eyelids while touring through the palace. The jaw-dropping halls, huge rooms, lavishly decorated walls and ceilings, lighting arrangements, carvings on the pillars, and many more features of this building will leave you awestruck.

Experience divinity at EME Temple:

This Hindu temple is better known as Dakshinamurty Temple and devoted to Lord Shiva. What makes it so different from other temples is firstly, the maintenance is in charge of the Indian army and secondly, the structure of the temple, which is a geodesic dome, entirely built of aluminum sheets. Since the structure was constructed by the electrical and mechanical engineering department of Indian Army, hence its name happened to be the EME temple. A very unique concept was kept in mind while the design was being made; each part of the temple happens to demarcate each religious belief. Fascinating isn’t it?

Rich artifact collection at Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery:

Along the footsteps of Victoria and Albert Museum, this art gallery and collection centre was built in Vadodara in 1894. A rich and huge collection of pieces from the by gone times, the museum has masterpieces by some famous artists and even the original ones. An Egyptian Mummy, skeleton of a giant blue whale, Akota bronze articles from 5th century CE, sites of Mughal art and architecture, Tibetan art, scultptures, etc. are some examples amongst the other vivid things that can be found in the museum.

Hold on to peace at Aurobindo Asharam:

One of the first ashrams to gain popularity is this particular ashram in Baroda. The ashram is a quiet, divine and serene place where one can actually merge himself with the universe. The entire structure is dedicated to mediation and energy flows through each and every corner of the ashram. The mantra chanting during particular times of the day will fill you with positivity, inside out. This is an abstract feeling and recommended to experience self. Undoubtedly visit the place and cleanse your mind, body and soul.

These are amongst the very few but certain to visit places in Vadodara. For any further information, you may check out the website nerdstravel.

Published by Kate Westall