Right now, Instagram is obviously a hotspot for young generation for chatting, picture download and image sharing. This social networking site expands its service to android users as well. So, demand for free photo download on android is bobbing up. Learn simple five tips which help you to find the best photos on Instagram for download on android devices.

  • Use Advanced Photo Downloaders for Android

Android apps tools are upgraded for image downloading from Instagram portal. Then you need to check different mobile apps to have proper support. For instance, instrasave, Fast Save and Quick Save are definitely advanced in the case of photo downloading. Insta profile on the Instagram has a quick picture downloader. Save pictures on android phones. It is easy for newbie. However, one should debug his android to restrict the attack of malware/virus.

  • Choose Jail Breaking Tools to Download Instagram Images on Android

Second method is to jail break android to ensure the flawless instagram photo launching on the mobile phones. In this case, 9apps repository is preferred by android users. Download apk file and then opt for the specific instagram photo downloader. Activate it on android. Jail breaking is permissible but customers must not use corrupted device decoders to damage their precious handsets.

  • Use Instadown to Download Instagram Photos

Out of 100 photo sharing mobile apps tools, Instadown seems to be unique with compact photo 


exporting platform for instagram followers. This android application toolkit is recommended by experts as well. Download the latest version of Instadown on your android smart phone. Copy the URL of the photo posted on Instagram and kindly paste it on the search box of the Instadown platform. The photo will be downloaded automatically. Speed of photo download via Instadown is awesome. Besides, it permits android users to import texts quickly. For superb photo and video download on android, you must select this Instadown software which is also free.

  • Select Fast Save for Photo Download

Instagram has no option for automatic photo downloading and saving. People are allowed to share and post images. Therefore, android fans have to rely on alternative tools to manage photo downloading issue. At present, Fast Save android application toolkit is a masterpiece to a guy who owns android device. Fast Save instagram image download feature is awe-inspiring and splendid. Android phone should be equipped with Fast Save tool. Create your account for log-in. It will work faster. The speed of image transferring from Instagram is good. The fact is that it supports an encrypted URL. The whole image is downloadable through this URL. So, a customer doesn’t have to go to gallery to select the image for being downloaded on the android.

  • Top Emulators for Photo Download

Emulation and simulations technologies are being made innovative. Emulators are tools which force the host machine to act as a guest tool. Instagram has a big image gallery .Million photos, and videos are shared or downloaded. Now, these top emulators like Bluestacks enable android users to run the system to do photo downloading tasks without jail breaking. Your android device will have a powerful image downloading emulator to bring selected images on your own android handset. However, these emulators must be detoxified. Remove free radicals or malware issues.

More Innovative Tips

Apart from these five methods to download photos from instagram on smart phones, few experienced photographers are seen searching for Instagrabbr toolkit for assistance. They are happy as it saves their time. Customers are not liable to open their accounts to share photos on instagram. It is not expensive as well. Visit the official domain of Instabrabbr to navigate. Post username of one’s photo or image on the search box. Cross check whether this user name of Instagram is genuine. After copying and pasting the username on the search icon, there will be a public photo gallery to display. Choose your favorite photos and save files on home screen of android. Truly speaking, Instagrabbr is also competent to download instagram photos on mac and pc. However, it is suitable to android devices.

Photo URL sharing is another shortcut method to you. Most probably, you are not willing to buy expensive software for photo installation. Nor is it your objective to depend on the third party image downloaders. Then the easy technique is to copy and share one’s latest image from instagram portal to post it on android device. Go to photo sharing place inside instagram. The pre-selected photo of someone has the Share URL to emulate or copy. 3 dots in green color on the image need to be chosen. “Copy Share URL” option is visible for highlighting the image to download from the Instagram on the android. Cross check whether photo you intend to download agrees the android apps. If not, upgrade the version of the photo sharing application tools for android cell phone.



Published by Emily Rose