Wood Paneling was in great demand back in the 1920s, and the trend has come a long way. People now use several creative ideas to utilize wood panels in the best way possible.  
Check out these cost-effective and attractive wood paneling makeover trends that will certainly make an impression:
1. Wood Paneling Paint 
A fresh coat of white paint can enhance the look of your wooden wall paneling to another level. You can paint these walls darker in contrast with other elements in the room and even obscure them with light-colored furniture and shelves. On the other hand, you can paint wood wall paneling in lighter shades with enough highlights in contrast to the dark furniture. Several interior decorators are known to pair the light shades on walls with an even lighter shade of furniture to make the room look spacious and welcoming.
2. Whitewashing 
While similar to painting, whitewashing offers a rusty look to the home, it is also in trend nowadays. One of the main reasons as to why people prefer to whitewash is because they get to keep the paneled look to the walls intact.
3. 3D Geometry 
One can upgrade wood paneling in a three-dimensional style. All you need to do is raise some panels above the backdrop. This technique is customizable based on three-dimensional geometry to put panels of your choice at different levels of height. One can even use small-sized panels to give a collage effect to the walls.
4. Stencil 
You can even use stencils, if you want to cover up the uninterrupted surface. Stencils can be used between wall strips when they are painted and there is a need for creating a design that could enhance the beauty of the wall. Stencils are available in a wide range of designs – kid’s designs, ornamental designs, imagery, drawings, and blocked patterns. Each stencil can certainly enhance the look and feel of the wood panels, helping them get a much-needed makeover.
5. Textured Panels 
Textured panels are available in several kinds of textures that give a new meaning to the wood panels. With several designs and patterns to choose from, the wood panels can receive a makeover like no other. The textured panels can also enhance the décor with a thematic element that binds the room. The various designs include faux designs for stone, wood, and metal.
Each of the makeover trends mentioned above can add an impressive effect to the wood panels. Choose one that suits your décor well enough.

Published by David Milsont