Libraries have always been a fascinating space, historical places where reading becomes a ritual, in which time is suspended, and where it feels like the lives of other times are pulsating through. With each library that had disappeared, the whole world  it carried, disappeared along with it.

We live in an age where going to the library seems somewhat obsolete, in an age where time no longer has patience, and the books from an entire library can fit in a virtual memory you take with you anywhere. And yet, in Romania there are some fabulous libraries, where the reading taste is quite different, be it about modern spaces or the historic building.

In the following moments I will present to you the most beautiful Romanian libraries.  

1.  „Gheorghe Asachi” University Library from Iași

Cele mai frumoase biblioteci din România

It is probably one of the most spectacular libraries in Romania, voted on the portal as the most beautiful library in the world, with masterpieces of architecture such as the Portuguese Royal Library in Rio de Janeiro, Prague National Library and The National Library of France. Almost unknown in Romania and even among the residents of Iasi, is the fact that it lies within the Palace University of Iasi, building erected in 1860 on the initiative of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Today, the library has reached a total fund of documents of about a million volumes.

2. National Library Of Romania 

Cele mai frumoase biblioteci din România: Biblioteca Naţională a României

Previously called Central State Library, the largest library being BNR (Romanian National Bank). Since 2012, the new premises of the library is Unirii Boulevard. 22, placed in a modern building, whose construction began during the Ceausescu epoch that has passed through countless adventures, the long derelict, prey to thieves of scrap. In the past, the library has had its headquarters in the old center of Bucharest, on the stock exchange, close to University Square. Over more than 100 years of existence, the library bore different names, depending on the political regime. The library’s fund is about 13 million bibliographical encyclopedic units. The library has 14 reading rooms, café and conference rooms.

3. Library of the Letters College 

3. Cele mai frumoase biblioteci din România: Biblioteca Facultăţii de Litere

The history of this absolutely extraordinary Library, with one of the most beautiful reading rooms that exist in Romania, starts from the late nineteenth century when, in 1892, the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy founded the first specialized library. The process of moving the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy on Edgar Quinet Street, occurred in 1927. Over time, the personalities of Romanian culture as Titu Maiorescu, Ioan Bogdan, Ovidiu Densuşianu, Al. Rosetti, Iorgu Iordan have made book donations from their own personal libraries, all very important in their value. The existence of this library also links to George Calinescu’s name, who has worked here for a while as a librarian. Currently, the library has a total fund volume of 118.686 and 26.605 direct-access documents. Here, there is also a representative of periodicals specialist both Romanian and foreign fund including: Trajan’s Column, Family, branches, Archives, Flight parrot talks literary magazine Royal Foundations, Dacia literary Euphorion, Journalism and Communication, Lettre International Ling Nostra Écrits de France, Rome, La vie de lettres, Poetics, Poetics Today, Comparative Literature, Bulletin d’Informations, documentary research.

4. Central University Library of Bucharest

Cele mai frumoase biblioteci din România: Biblioteca Centrală Universitară din Bucureşti

Located in the Palace of Carol I University Foundation, former headquarters of the Royal Foundation, BCU is a splendid labyrinth frequented daily by students and other participants in academic life. The building was built on the site bought by King Carol I and was designed by the French architect Paul Gottereau. The construction was completed in 1893 and the next two years the settlement called University Foundation Carol I, was equipped and furnished. The inauguration was done by King Charles I on 14 March 1895. During the 1989 Revolution, the building was burned and lost the library’s fund consisted of rare books. There have been destroyed 500.000 books, rare maps, almost 3.700 manuscripts that belonged to personalities of Romanian culture, including Mihai Eminescu, Titu Maiorescu, Ion Luca Caragiale, George Coşbuc, Lucian Blaga and Mircea Eliade. The building was then restored and in 2001 was made the official reopening. The library currently holds a total fund of 1.888.383 volumes, of which the Central Unit there are 716.903 volumes, as well as a consistent background of electronic books and periodicals that can be consulted for free. According to the data from the BCU, there are currently enrolled in the unit 10.385 readers.

5. Astra County Library from Sibiu

Cele mai frumoase biblioteci din România: Biblioteca Judeţeană Astra din Sibiu

With a great historical tradition, Astra Library carries with it a century and a half of existence, from the moment when, in the 1860s,in Transylvania was set the “Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and Romanian culture,” an academic-letter set after the already existing companies model to neighboring nations. With the establishment of ASTRA, the Library Association was founded, which at first accounted 195 volumes. Today is at the total fund amount to approximately 688.377 documents. The current Headquarters (Building of the Library) is the Association Palace in Baritiu Street edifice built in a baroque space where, in fact, was inaugurated in 1905. In early 2007, when Sibiu was the European Cultural Capital has been inaugurated the library’s building B, a new building built and equipped with the latest equipment.

6. Cărtureşti Carusel

 It’s quite a magical place which makes you feel like “Alice in Wonderland” and it’s worth visiting,trust me.I’m still at a loss for words to describe this beauty as you can see. So..Come.Visit us and our new marvelous bookstore right in the very heart of the city.You will not regret doing it,more so you’ll have something to brag about when you go back home.

Also called “The Carousel of Light”, is a monumental XIX century edifice that was transformed into a wonderful architectural jewel. It is located at the very heart of Bucharest, on a long vibrant street, in an area with coffee shops and pubs. Surrounded by the bohemian, traditional and luxury clothing stores, this bookstore will surely blend in with its innovative and elegant style.

The bookstore has 6 floors, where you can find over 10,000 books, 5,000 albums and DVDs. There is a bistro on the top floor, a multimedia space in the basement and a gallery dedicated to modern art on the first floor. This space will also host numerous cultural events and concerts.


The Carusel isn’t the only bookstore owned by Carturesti (the whole chain containing over 16 shops all over Romania), but it’s surely the most beautiful one.



Published by Cristina Piciu