Before I start sharing my top 6 reading places, there is a small thought that I would like to share with you all.

I see that, it’s become an international – or should I rather say worldwide – trend to read anywhere you can. Now, don’t get me wrong on this. I don’t have anything against people reading almost  anywhere they can. I am only hoping to God that this is more than just a trend, and they are reading for themselves and with all their hearts; and not just for the sake of appearances. It warms my heart when I see someone reading.

Time for a small confession. I began reading – again – last year, and since then, I have become a bookaholic. And an actually, proud one. But this is another story that I will share with you all some other time. Now, as an avid reader that I am, I never dare leave the house without having a book in purse or bag.


Back on the topic at hand,now. We all have our favorite reading spots either in or outside our home. Have you ever crossed that comfort zone of yours and read in public ? This is just a typical question, nothing more. I know, I did.

What I am about to share with you now, is my top 6 reading spots in and out of the comfort of my home. So, here we go.


Top 6 Reading Places


  1. Our always and forever beloved bed

Reading In Bed

This is as comfy as it gets. I mean, if you have a queen sized bed, then you’re the queen/king of bookaholics.

I love reading in bed, mostly because it offers me multiple reading positions, and so I am – let’s say protected – not always ending up with excruciating back pain.

2. That lovely spot by the window

Yep. Reading by the window, gives the reader something extra. It’s that unique feeling you get, especially when you are reading a very intense book that demands to be felt. Add to that a hot cup of tea on a cold or rainy day and you amplify the experience. It is amazing.

3. Out in the porch

Summer days are calling for that. I already picture myself sitting on that small, comfy outdoor couch savoring a cold drink and reading a great book. If you are living in a country that always has hot summer weather, then you know what I am talking about. In case you have never done this, you should. You will love it.


4. By the fire – either with a cup of hot chocolate/tea or a glass of wine.

I know that it sounds a little bit romantic, but it’s quite amazing. Just picture that fire running, you sitting either on a puffy carpet or a comfy armchair, savoring either one of the drinks I mentioned earlier and reading that one book you so much love.

5. In the park on a bench or on the green grass, under a tree

This is quite unique and it offers the reader, an unforgettable experience.

6. On the bus or train

Everyone reads on the bus. Even I do, and I love it !




Even though my reading spots list isn’t all that puffy, it contains both elements : indoor and outdoor. And all of them, give the reader, really unique and amazing reading experiences.

Now that you know my reading spots, I am curious to find out what are yours. :)


Published by Cristina Piciu