Dental clinics and dentists are a group with high purchasing power that sometimes attracts smoke sellers in SEO, online marketing, online portals or professional directories. Therefore, Rank Today wants to advise this group about the best practices to position their websites. We only discuss some of the techniques from Rank Today Dental SEO that we have tried and that work, as well as details to keep in mind so as not to be deceived.

Do not look for promises in SEO, look for results

To begin, do not trust who promises you a first position on the page of search results (SERPs) with certain keywords. No one can guarantee you to be the first since it does not depend only on your work, but of the work of the rest, of the changes of the algorithm, natural evolution of the project ... What they should tell you is that each day you will be better than the previous one, and you will continue to grow, because each day you will continue to work for it. In SEO, 1 + 1, it is not always 2. A good positioning depends on specific actions that are carried out on the website (SEO onpage) and off the website (SEO offpage), in addition to the work of other competitors, it's a race and you never run alone.

SEO actions on your website (SEO onpage)

How is the website of your dental clinic or your orthodontic practice? When was the last time you did an update? If you do not have an optimized website of little value, all the online marketing efforts you make to bring traffic or increase your visibility will be worth it.

A correct website for SEO has optimized content according to the keywords, well structured and that respects the naturalness and coherence. Accumulating keywords in bold or in titles will not help you at all and it will also seem unnatural. Here you also have to bear in mind that before generating the content, a study of terminology or keywords must be done so as not to waste time with terms that are not interesting or do not generate a return. Do you know by what words the visits to your website arrive? If you have any doubts, you may want to take a look around SEMrush to learn more about this topic or to study the competition's websites.

Let's talk about the domains. The most logical thing is that you choose a domain that corresponds to the name of your company. There are technical aspects that should appear in the programming code or be taken into account in the composition of your website to facilitate good indexing. For example, avoid pages with duplicate content due to misuse, for example, of labels or categories, solving it with canonicals, optimization of load times, image compression and CSS...

SEO actions outside of your website (SEO offpage)

If you have a "perfect" website in terms of SEO onpage, the challenge continues. You must define a link building strategy to relate your page to others in the sector that are well positioned and with a higher page rank.

The publication of press releases in various portals is favorable for an organic link building, as long as you know how to do it, generating press releases with brand links can help to clean up your link structure. These press releases will showcase your brand, the differentiating elements of your service, the offers, the new materials and new technologies in the sector. One detail: ALWAYS remember to include BRAND links in the press releases and thus direct visits to the website of your dental clinic and strengthen your link building strategy, but be careful, any link management action should be carried out knowing what is done and why.

Social networks are another source of traffic and links if you know how to take advantage of them. For your Dental SEO to be effective you must be present on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or the networks that generate potential customers, not because it is fashionable, but to let you know, to attract new customers, to know what patients think of you and visit them and give them the Best service. That translates into creating a social media communication plan that allows you to obtain quantifiable results, visible in your annual benefits.

We are in an environment of people increasingly sensitive to images

We know that there is little glamor in a mouth where yellowish teeth with cavities appear; However, the heart accelerates when we see a perfect denture, in a smile that invites complicity. Take advantage of the power of images! Create videos, presentations, digital albums of the results of your work with your patients and show them to the world through the corresponding channels: Youtube, Slideshare, Flickr, Pinterest, etc.

Generation of content and publication of articles on third-party websites

Another practice that favors positioning is the publication of articles in other related websites. But, remember that you must devote your best efforts to create content for your web/blog. The original content that you write and publish in a third party portal, although it is true that it serves to give you visibility as an expert; on the other hand, it is a content from which another website is used without paying a fee or even charging on many occasions.

Check the statistics and data well

Many of these portals give you statistics of calls, visits, interactions ... these are your statistics and therefore they can tell you what they want. Check that the data sent to you corresponds to reality, check your Google analytics, contact the people at the reception, have feedback on where your customers come from and have control of your online business. Also with your SEO Company if you have it, check the search results, request reports, and information about the actions. All work is quantifiable and results must be seen.

In short, for your customers to find the website of your dental clinic when doing a search on Google there are many details to work, this is just an approximation to some important aspects. And as always, we want to know what your opinion and experiences are.

Published by Taslima Akter