There are a lot of people who have problems with the wine that they produce because they are not sure why it spoils or why it is not holding up like it should.  If you are one of these people, you need to get some help with your wine so that it will always remain in good condition. The steps that you take below are going to change your life while also changing the way that you enjoy wine.  Enjoying wine is something that you need to plan for when you have people coming over or you have found a bottle that must be protected.

1.  Heat

You need to keep the wine out of the heat.  You are going to get bottle shock if the wine gets too hot, and you also need to remember that sunlight can be a problem.  Just imagine what happens if you leave a bottle on the counter with the light hitting it every day in the middle of the afternoon because you have a window that points right at the bottle.  This is going to ruin the bottle, and that is going to make it less fun to drink.

2.  Humidity

You do not want to leave your wine bottles in places where it is extremely humid.  You could actually damage the cork, and you might have such bad damage to the cork that you will damage the wine that is on the inside.  Plus, you might find that the bottle label is peeling off because the label is so wet. This is a small thing that makes a big difference.

3.  You Need A Real Cooler

You should get a real Haier Wine Cooler or something like it because that is the only way to be sure that the wine will be chilled at the right temperature.  When you do not use a real cooler, you might not chill the wine enough. If you put the wine in a fridge where it gets just a little too cold, it might be like you are freezing the wine.  Wine does not like to be frozen, and it will not be as much fun for you to drink.

4.  The Cork Goes Back In

You have to put the cork back in or get a very good cork replacement that will seal the bottle completely.  When you do not have a cork like that, you risk damaging the wine because the air is getting into the bottle.  You have to be sure that you have used these corks in a way that will allow the wine to last longer.

5. Darkness

You should keep your wine out of the light if you can.  A wine cooler is dark, but there are other places that will be dark and cool enough for your wines.  

6.  Over-Opening

Make sure that you are not over-opening your bottles to smell them and check them.  You should keep the bottles closed as much as possible while also following the steps listed above.


Published by Matthew Piggot