We all know about the importance that video marketing has been gaining in the modern world. The video world in past years has been just phenomenal. You cannot even imagine the number of videos circulating on the internet in just one second. So, why don’t you utilize this trend to grow your business more and more?

We all know, 2018 is ready to come and once again marketers have started evaluating upcoming trends & methodologies. 2017 was the year of video marketing and it is being expected that the trend will keep prospering in the coming years.

So let’s look at some of the video marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2018.

1) Video First

Video first is a term authored by Facebook to refer to a developing phenomenon and that is “Consumers not only want to see the video but also want to produce it”. That means, the preferred approach to get information about our customers and to express our brand is moving from the text to the video.

As a reaction, Social Networks and different Medias made it easy for us to broadcast videos. On account of Facebook, this idea has turned out to be clear through its live video platform, Facebook live. Exploit this new approach of communicating and get closer to your audience than ever before.

2) Live video or live streaming

Minimum 13% of the traffic from videos comes directly from the live videos. This new trend is followed by many in the present time and we believe it will stay for years to come.

 For brands, this trend of video advertising presents clear benefits:

  • Live videos are more inexpensive, as it isn't important to invest in the making of such videos and editing phase. Likewise, once the broadcast is finished, the video remains on the platform so you can continue sharing.
  • Live streaming is appealing to users, as it transmits spontaneity and credibility.
  • Live video expands the quality of views. Users spend more time watching live videos as compared to pre-recorded videos.

3) Square shaped videos

The format of the videos is also changing, and this influences all parts of production and creativity. While we used to do the video advertising thinking in horizontal terms, smartphones and tablets have motivated us to think vertical. That is the reason there are a number of brands that dare to flip things around and make vertical videos.

Or, another solution is videos in the square format, which are more successful nowadays. If compared with horizontal, square videos take 78% more space in the Facebook News feed and get more engagements.

4) Muted videos

In the digital marketing field, as a video advertiser, you should know that it is possible that a significant number of your customers will be watching muted videos in the coming year. Already numerous users of smartphones watch videos with the volume muted or turned down, and that number is expected to rise in the future.

It is imperative that you consider, and make videos that incorporate captions or subtitles to communicate your message – rather than depending too intensely on a voice-over. A few users may unmute or increase the volume afterward; however, utilizing text or visual to snare in the viewers at the start is critical.

5) Video and e-learning

It is true that the videos are a powerful advertising tool, but, their benefits don't just end here. Videos do not just catch actions, but, they are also an awesome asset when we need to transmit information in a clear and visual way.

Hence, another trend of video advertising that we must highlight is the use of videos as a tool for training, either inside an organization or outside to spread informative content. For firms, this technique is extremely lucrative, as you can train more workers at once with quality content. You can even incorporate content training and promoting by offering a video course as a reward for clients to leave their information.

6) Paid and sponsored videos

The video field offers numerous opportunities to start paid advertising campaigns. Video promotions across platforms like Twitter, Facebook advertisements are a great chance to increase conversions. You can likewise partner with You Tubers and different influencers to give your marketing channels a lift.

Keep in mind that if you need to boost returns on your investments, you should carefully measure the outcomes and correct your strategies whenever needed.

7) Video Email Marketing

Emails that contain video links can build your email's CTR and open rate. Expect video content and email to progressively merge together in 2018. Email audiences appreciate video since it is concise, helpful and interesting if made carefully.

Final Words

By keeping these trends into consideration and checking them precisely, you should be better prepared to confront the difficulties of video advertising in 2018. By getting in early on some of these trends your videos could stand by seeming unique and engaging.

Obviously, it is equally possible to be unique and engaging with different styles of video, and you could read more about screen recording, video catch, and different approaches to make advertising videos. Knowing what trends are probably going to shape video advertising in 2018 will give you a chance to create effective and engaging videos. So, go ahead and rock the video advertising world with your skills.

Published by Anu Thakur