Do all women love shopping? Not really. But the majority of them do. Shopping relieves stress, improves mood, and makes women forget about problems awaiting them at work or home.

What are the top items women shop for? Let’s find out!

1.    Jewelry

Even though many women are hoping to get jewelry as a gift, they are shopping for it without any assistance. Bracelets, earrings, and rings are highly popular. Next are watches and pendants.

Since jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes and with price tags to suit any budget, there is never too much of it. The diversity and availability make it one of the most shopped for items by women.

2.    Clothing

The closet is full, but there is nothing to wear. This situation is quite common for the majority of women all over the planet. It seems that with the abundance of online stores, such as Amazon, Target, Asos, and Boxhill, women should satisfy their clothing cravings faster. Not at all!

They continue looking for the perfect little black dress or a pair of comfy sweats even if they already have a dozen.

3.    Smartphones

While gadgets aren’t usually associated with women, they love them. Smartphones are highly popular among women of all ages. Some do careful research to find the best gadget for their needs. Others buy them spontaneously just because they like the model.

The cost of smartphones women shop for can vary from $100 to $1,000. Even if they’ve recently purchased a mobile phone, they are ready to buy a new one as soon as the latest model appears on the market.

4.    Accessories for Home

Women are always on the lookout for items that can improve their homes. Be it a new throw rug or a unique salt shaker and pepper shaker, there can’t be too many cute accessories for bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

It only takes a few items to change the way the house looks. Women, who enjoy changes and improvements, can shop for home accessories regularly.

5.    Kitchen Accessories and Cookware

Many women love cooking. Others view it as a chore. In both cases, they prefer working with high-quality tools and cookware. Women are always ready to consider kitchen helpers for their cooking needs.

Be it frying pans and utensils, a juicer or a food processor, women are always on the hunt to simplify and improve the time they spend in the kitchen.

6.    Cosmetics

Women love looking beautiful. That’s why they are always ready to invest in cosmetics. Blush, mascara, face creams, anti-cellulite massage oils, hair dye, and much more are on many women’s lists.

A woman can’t have too many creams, oils, gels, etc. Beauty products allow a woman to feel good about herself. Since pampering the body is vital for stress relief and relaxation, women are always ready to invest in such products.

7.    Bags

How many women go around without bags? Hardly any, unless they are younger than 10. A bag is often a woman’s number one accessory. Some women invest in an expensive bag, which they carry all year round. Others buy a bag for every season.

The third category of women has a bag for every occasion. Meanwhile, the fourth category has a bag to match every pair of shoes.

In any case, at least one bag is a must-have for every woman, so it’s on the top of the “items to shop for” list.

Other items which didn’t make it into the top-7 list but can be just as important are shoes, books, and discounted products.


Published by Charlesa Gibson