Shilajit is a naturally occurring substance, found in the rocky mountains of Himalaya and Tibet with extraordinary health benefits like none other substance can provide; this is a fantastic herbal tonic that can do wonders to all the systems of your body even when used in minimal amount. The numerous health benefits of shilajit have made it super famous in the medical world. 

Why is it called the Himalayan Sweat?

Shilajit is a compressed mixture of the biomass and minerals that have been compressed under high temperature and pressure in the Rocky Mountains, thus taking the form of a semi-solid crystal that can be further purified and used as a dietary supplement. Based on the purification level, the shilajit classifies into four categories. 

Shilajit, flows out of the rocks in the mountains the same way as the human sweat out from the body, based on this similarity it is called sweat. Like the human sweat, shilajit resin too contains minerals and nutrients. When the temperature is high in the summer season, this amazing substance exudes out of the Himalayan rocks, another reason for it to get the name as sweat. 

Health Benefits of Shilajit for Females

Although there is no end to the health benefits, shilajit provides to us all, but there are many it offers solely to the females. Let us have a look at all the benefits a woman can avail from the regular use of shilajit.

  1. The incredible advantage of using this wonder herb is the cure for infertility in women. Several surveys conducted on the women showed that the regular use of shilajit helped infertile women to conceive in a brief time.
  2. The irregular menstrual cycle is something that keeps a good percentage of women worried across the world. It also contributes to the infertility issues, the use of shilajit eliminates this problem as well.
  3. Around 61% of the women suffer from Calcium deficiency and the rich in calcium shilajit is the perfect solution for them.
  4. The high energy levels induced by shilajit helps women stay active and healthy even after several hours of work, whether the working women or homemakers.
  5. Shilajit works as an anti-aging agent as well. It helps reduce the symptoms that bring aging such as the wrinkles, hair fall, and skin spots. 
  6. Since the bones of the women lose calcium quicker compared to men, they are more threatened by arthritis and osteoporosis. Shilajit helps in the improvement of bone density that in turn reduces any chances for these issues to appear.
  7. Undesirable discharges and Urinary infections are cured with the use of shilajit as well.


Where to get this fantastic herb?

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Published by Kimberly Smith