There is probably nothing that a beautiful smile may not help you achieve. However, this is only possible if you have beautiful looking teeth. Thankfully there are a number of painless cosmetic treatments that you can give you the smile you have always wished for. Here are a few of the top cosmetic dentistry treatments that many people opt for, all over the world:


Discolored, misshapen, chipped down or uneven teeth can make you look ugly, reducing your self-confidence. Veneers are a good way to fix such problems. Make out of porcelain or composite, veneers can give you stain-proof teeth that are more life-like. They are extremely thin and can be customized to fit your teeth perfectly. Easy, hassle-free and painless, they offer wonderful results.


Made of ceramic, metal, or porcelain, crowns serve a variety of purposes in cosmetic dentistry. Apart from covering broken or discolored teeth, they can also protect your tooth after you have had a root canal treatment. Dentists use them to support dental bridges and cover dental implants too. The latest technology in cosmetic dentistry involves making crowns out of zirconium. While being durable, these are also very life-like.


This is probably the most common of all cosmetic dental treatments. Although you can opt for a variety of home treatments, going to a dentist to get your teeth whitened can prove to be more effective and durable. Your dentist may want to apply a whitening gel to your teeth and then illuminate them using a special blue light that activates the bleaching ingredients of that gel. It might take about 90 minutes for the entire procedure to be completed. But at the end of it you get to walk out with a smile that is radiantly white.

Inlays and Onlays

When it is not possible to file your tooth because of a large missing part, and when there is a solid structure that doesn’t necessitate extraction, it would be ideal to go for an inlay or an onlay. An inlay is usually placed on the wall of your tooth, while an onlay is laid on its upper surface. Inlay/onlay could be better than getting a crown placed, which could make your tooth too tall, making it uncomfortable to wear. Generally made out of composite, porcelain or precious metals like platinum and gold, inlays and outlays can work really well for your teeth.

Dental Bridges

When you are missing many teeth in one place, dental bridge can be an ideal solution. An interconnected row of crowns, dental bridges are well-supported by natural teeth or dental implants. Covered with a soft, natural-looking substance, dental bridge is usually made out of an artificial gum that is made from a metal or resin. The crowns can be made out of any material like composite or porcelain. Dental bridges come in two varieties – fixed and removable. You can choose from them depending on factors such as durability and aesthetics.

With more and more dentists offering cosmetic dentistry treatments today, the rates are becoming very competitive and affordable. It would be a wise choice to go for one, especially if you are a fan of a healthy and bright smile.

Published by Justin Jersey