Are you looking for a place where you can spend your holiday enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer? Then that place is Australia. A country, which is almost the size of Europe and with almost all kinds of climates, Australia boasts of a host of tourists’ attraction sites; from Melbourne, through Sydney to places like Gold coast and thousands of other places. You only need to have a good travel agent who will give you a detailed guide on where to go when and the type of grooming that you need to have on every single day.

 However, not all places are easily viewed on the ground and therefore in some places, you need a helicopter for a better view and these are some of the places


One of the iconic tourist destination sites in this northern territory of Australia is the Uluru -Kata National park. In this place, we are two striking natural landmarks; the Ayers Rock and the Olgas. The Australian government and the Anangu people are the managers of this park. The traditional owners of the place manage the parks cultural center, which hosts the Anangu culture. The Ayers rock presents very attractive sunset/ sunrise views, something that you’ll find interesting. With a helicopter, you are in a position to enjoy the beautiful offerings of Uluru. Click here for a list of Uluru Tours and enjoy the beauty of the land.


This is Australia’s second largest city after Sydney with an estimated population of 3.7 Million.  It’s a city that is regarded as the most livable and one of the World’s most preferred tourist destinations. Public transportation in this area is quite convenient and has a wealth of exciting attractions and gastronomic offerings.  With a helicopter, you are able to get a view of the fearful heights of Australia’s tallest skyscrapers and enjoy the panoramic view of the city of Melbourne including all its attractions.

Gold coast

Whichever age-set you belong to, and whatever stage of life you’re in, Australia’s Gold coast will make you smile. You can enjoy the endless water slides, which are able to cool off the summer temperature and the exhilarating rides and water animals.  While in this place, you can take a flight, which will enable you, get a perfect view of the big budget parks and the small ones. An hour spent on the air is long enough to quench your unending desire for beauty that comes with nature.

Kings Canyon

With its distinctive skyscraping trees, the deep valleys and the rock outcroppings, Kings Canyon Park is the place to be. In fact, the famous John Muir once called it “a rival to Yosemite”. It is the home to the Grant grove where “the Nation’s Christmas tree” and the cedar grove grow in plenty.  Due to the terrain and the thickness here, most tourists prefer using a helicopter so that they can have a view from above the skies- with a good camera; you can get photos that would be a lifetime memory for you and your loved ones. Get a reputable helicopter tourism company like PHS who will guide you to the most attractive destinations.

Mount Cotton

In this rather not so popular city stand some of the most attractive tourist destinations with both natural attractions and campground. Amusement parks are some of the popular sites that would flatter you, especially when viewed from the skies.  It’s such a perfect place that you can enjoy with your spouse and children.

Next time you’re looking for a hideout with your family, think about Australia and the beautiful sites, which offer a variety of all that one needs to unwind and re-energize.


Published by Matthew Piggot