No one ever said, parenting will be an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be too harsh. If you are a parent and your child is a teen, you must be having a hard time raising that kid also.

Adolescence is a vital and very delicate time in a person’s life. Sometimes world wants them to act adult; sometime they discard their ideas because they are too young, it is an uphill battle for the teens.

So to make you understand the teen dilemma I am writing this post. It will help all you parents out there following the common teenage behavior problems.

1. They Seem To Hate You

This is what the neurosurgeons and physiatrists call the “mood swing problem”. In this situation sometimes a teen will be loving you like a basket of puppies and in other, the teen will be rolling his/her eyes on your every talk.

Now the above-written behaviour is prevalent in fact you had faced it with your child before when your child was a toddler? Most toddlers yell and scream during mood swings, and teens start rejecting you. They don’t hate you they just need to find their self.

2. Excessive use of communicable devices

This is the problem of every parent, and at the point or another, you must have had used it as an excuse to scold your teen too.

Life is full of strange ironies like this, modes of communication which teens are using like, Facebook chatting, text messaging, phone talks etc. are invented to make communication easy and quick.

However, thanks to the excessive usage of communicable devices and social media the teen wind up ignoring their family and are always avoiding a real conversation.

Now, in this case, if you are banning phones and internet it will turn your teen into a rebel or into a liar better option is to provide the telephone but with specific tabs, like time of usage.

3. Being With Kids That You Don’t Like

As a parent, you like your kid to be the best and always want him to stay safe. So, whenever you feel your kid is starting to spend, more and more time with some troublesome kids you may won’t like it.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you should forbid your teen from hanging out with those particular friends, at least not straightforwardly.

You can speak to your kid about the concern and why you think these kids may land your child into a worrisome situation.

Never criticise the kid you don’t like in front of your kid it will only weaken your position and will make the other kid hero in your teen’s eyes.

4. Lying

While some people ignore these teenage problem others take it too seriously, they even go to the extent of punishing the kid for hiding or distorting the facts.

But, the new trend of “being independent” can make the teens feel that ‘something’ is personal and they don’t have to share it with even the parents, which leads to a confusion between both parties.

Sometimes teens lie because they either are ashamed of the factor are afraid of something and don’t want the parents to find that out.

Talking to teens regularly is an excellent way of curing this problem when they feel you are their friend they won’t lie to you. 

5. Disproportionate Aggression

Aggression is one of the most irksome things a teenager can show to make their parents madder than they already are at him/her.

The root cause of this crazy behaviour is some more repressed anger which the teen in question hasn’t been able to channelise.

Curing this problem is very important because if not resolved soon this can turn into short episodes of lethal aggression outburst which at times can be violent.

Ending note

To conclude, teens are still kids, their bodies are going through a lot of changes, and their hormones are always high, they are going through a lot.

You were once a teenager too, and you know how messy things are in this part of your life, so be a good parent and support your kid during this tough time of kid’s life. 

Published by Janice Cook