Cat pillowcases

These can be a key part of your bedroom - wake up to winsome felines for a fine start to the day.

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Sleeping cats on a duvet

Duvet covers feature cats in all sorts of poses. Some smart designs use black and white.

Cat pajamas

You may like to snuggle up in bed wearing cat pajamas - just the ticket for a crazy cat lady!

Cat slippers

Soft, high-quality slippers illustrated with cats will keep your tootsies warm.

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Ring holder shaped like a cat

A metallic ring holder shaped like a cat will add style to any bedroom. Many rings can be stacked on the cat’s long tail.

Cat mug

The best cat mugs are made in Japan: one has a tail-shaped handle.

Cat lap trays are delightful - see designs here:

Meanwhile, treat your cat to a special gift:

An egg mold shaped like a cat

Crack eggs over the mold to create yolk eyes and an egg white cat face. Breakfast will never be boring again!

A cat wine stopper

With this stopper, your wine will never spoil or spill.

Cat-themed stemless wine glasses

These wine glasses are perfect companions. One glass features a cat, and the other has ‘meow’ on it.

Fashion cat socks

These cute accessories can be seen with cropped pants or shown off in heels.

A cat purse

Choose a cross body bag which looks like a cat’s face. It’s a conversation starter!

Pusheen T-shirt

These adorable T-shirts feature the cartoon cat Pusheen.

A cat necklace

One sophisticated design features a cat and the moon, in gold and silver.

Moon earrings to match

Why not splash out on these coordinating pieces.

A cat tote bag

One tote features the words ‘You had me at a meow’.

A cat clock

The Kit-Cat clock has been around since 1932, causing smiles with its twitching tail and the cheeky grin.

Cat-shaped battery pack

The antidote to a normal battery pack, this cat-shaped one can charge your phone or tablet.

A cat to contain post-it notes

A great way to enliven your day at work, a post-it holder shaped like a cat is both cute and practical.

A hoodie for cuddles with your cat

One hoodie has a pouch where you can stow your cat for some TLC.

Published by Sunil Pandey