I love to watch a good ocean movie whenever I need to de-stress from my work-week. My busy professional routine leaves me pretty anxious on occasion, and in these circumstances nothing beats a decent ocean thriller in getting me to unwind from my cares. There is something about these ‘marine glorifying’ screen spectacles that transports your imagination to a refreshing new reality. And if you watch them with a bag of buttered popcorn or two, and a glass of some choice liquor; the experience becomes even more exciting. And cathartic. So for the sake of your tired nerves (I’m a generous man), I’ll list three ocean-themed movies for you to watch in this Frontier deals compiled blog post. And after you’ve reveled in these beauties, you’ll probably be motivated to plan a sojourn to the beach.

An Ode to the Ocean

Astrologically, the ocean (being the largest reservoir of water in existence) represents life. Evolutionary biologists tell us that the very first traces of life originated from these water bodies in the form of single-celled organisms. Over a period of many centuries and millennia, these organisms evolved into all of our known varieties of animal species – and thereafter, humans. This ‘oceanic origination’ is also thought to be the reason why every living thing (which expresses the known signs of life) is composed of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms (H20); in its basic constitution.

So as human beings, our affinity with water comes naturally.

Water spontaneously soothes us, and provides our body, mind and soul with a great deal of comfort. Following on this realization, it is quite usual for psychologists and therapists to prescribe some days off by the beachside to their depressed patients. And in my opinion, a decent water-themed movie imbues much the same effect on the saturated human mind. If you’re an artist of some sort (like a prose writer, painter or poet, for example), you can stand to gain a lot by some association with the ocean; more so than other people.

Top 3 Ocean-themed Movies You Need to Watch!

So without any further ado, here are the top 3 ocean movies that I would recommend you to stream to your own satisfaction – whenever the opportunity to do so should arise. And last time I checked, they were available for instant viewing on Netflix (which is nowadays my preferred mechanism for catching some Hollywood buzz in my home setting).

1: The Jaws Series (1975 – 1987)

I’m not really into movies that feature a lot of superficial partying, drinking, dialogue, character and scene portrayals. I like my movies to be relatable and informative – in the sense of making me aware of some of the worldly issues that I don’t otherwise know much about. It is only when a movie does this that it becomes memorable – and worth a re-watch – in my book. And on this front, the blockbuster Jaws Series certainly deserves some mention. Without giving any spoilers away, the entire franchise is thematically based around vicious shark attacks. Humans interfere in these predators’ natural ecosystem, and as a result, get savaged through a bloody (and altogether evil) retaliation. The movies in the franchise also visually detail a lot of ocean flora and fauna, making viewers appreciate their natural beauty. 

2: Titanic (1997)

Director James Cameron’s globally debuting masterpiece, Titanic details the non-fiction chronicle of the RMS Titanic – and its tragic sinking in the Atlantic following a fated iceberg collision. The movie’s complete filming sequence and soundtrack are now considered cinematic gold; the film a new-age classic. And if movie theatre tickets, as well the film’s continuing pop cultural relevance, are any popularity metrics to go by – it comes with a big recommendation. Just be sure not to have any young teenagers or preteens around when you push the play button. Because the movie is also notorious for its explicit adult scenes alongside its exceptional narrative-building prowess!

3: Finding Nemo (2003)

If you’re into animated movies, then you should really watch this show-stopper. There was a time when I used to think that animated films like Finding Nemo, Chicken Little and Toy Story were only meant for kids. But after watching these cinematic wonders more closely, I now know better. Finding Nemo is centered on the exploits of young Nemo (a clownfish) and his overprotective father Marlin. Upon Nemo’s disappearance, Marlin is forced to team up with the memory-challenged yet profoundly likable blue reef fish named Dory – forming a duo that leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of the missing fish. The overall story of the production comes packed with the themes of family bonding, loss, the rise of the underdog, and acceptance/forgiveness. And not surprisingly, it is also a loveable tear jerker.

I watched Nemo for the first time through my Frontier TV Packages subscription. And the other two movies listed here through the streaming service I mentioned previously. In retrospect, I believe that each of these productions has taught me a lot. And I wouldn’t trade the realizations made after watching them for the world.

Published by Rosie Harman