July is the peak of monsoon season. The summer season would have been long gone and so is the heat and humidity. In addition, certain places take a beautiful makeover during July whereas; a few places become marshy and slippery. It is important to choose the best places to visit during July. Here are the top places that would make a great destination for people to visit during July.


Located in Jammu and Kashmir, this place will be at prime beauty during July and August. The stunning lakes will be pristine during this salubrious season. The scenery will have greener factor than the dull white snow feel. This is the best time for enjoying numerous adventure activities like wildlife attractions, camel ride, bike ride, cultural dance forms and much more.

Valley of Flower

While the rest of the place is dull and moody with rain clouds, the Valley of Flowers will be at the colorful bloom during this season. This is the best place for religious tours, camping, photography and others. During the other months, the valley would remain frozen.

Spiti Valley

This is the paradise for mountain lovers. This is a Buddhist pilgrimage, which is famous for scenic views, valleys and much more. July is the right time to enjoy many architectural beauties like Ki Monastery, Tabo Monastery and many others. Jeep safari, spotting glaciers, exploring monasteries and other adventure activities are much enjoyed during July.


This is the land of Dalai Lama. This is the best to enjoy deodar forests, Kangra Fort, tea plantation, Bhagsu Falls, Kangra Valley and much more. Top activities to enjoy in July are boat ride, visit tea plantation, trekking, exploring monastery and much more.


This is one of the holiest destinations for Hindus. This snow region is famous for Amarnath cave, which remained snow-filled throughout the year. During July and August, the cave melts down, allowing tourists to visit the cave. This is the best time to enjoy trekking, visiting the snow linga and others.


Monsoon is one of the romantic times to visit Udaipur. Rajasthan receives the least amount of rainfall during monsoon. Thus, you need not worry about getting wet or ending up on a slippery route. The city becomes pleasingly cool during monsoon. The waterbodies will be rich with water, allowing tourists to enjoy water-based activities. Top activities to enjoy in Udaipur during this season is sightseeing, photography, boating, sunset view, picnic, strolling and others.


Located in Maharashtra, this is a wonderful hill station, famous for its beauty during monsoon season. The tourism season of this place starts by mid-June. The hills becomes the paradise for adventure activities during this season. Top activities to enjoy here are trekking, rappelling, farm tour, picnic, sightseeing, sunset view and much more.

Other destinations to visit during this season are Panchgani, Kanyakumari, Munnar, Tawang, Shillong, Nainital, Gulmarg and others. The list is endless and it is important to choose the right destination for enjoying the best vacation.

Published by Kristin Perry