The Office for National Statistics published the latest update to figures on temporary workers in the UK in March 2019. These statistics show there was a total of 1,568,000 temporary workers in the UK for the quarter to 31 December 2018 and highlights just how important the temporary workforce is for UK organisations.

There are lots of good reasons to hire temporary workers or contract employees from London temp agencies and some of these are discussed below:

Instant Cover And Immediate Impact

Many employers face seasonal work fluctuations which are not sustained. For example, the retail sector and associated logistics providers are always very busy in the lead up to Christmas but this seasonal fluctuation is not sustained for the remainder of the year. Taking on temporary workers provides instant staff cover and can give immediate impacts as temps are often familiar with working in a variety of organisations and bring efficiencies and high productivity levels to the workplace.

Emergency staff shortages or long term sickness or maternity cover requirements are also times when employers need to take on experienced, qualified workers with the ability to "hit the ground running" and provide effective cover and this is often the case within the London office sector.

Reduced Hire Processes

Taking on temporary staff really reduces the amount of time taken to find any worker. This is due to the fact that agencies screen and test temps prior to submitting details to potential employers. It's also much easier to find temporary workers with specialised or specific technical skills when a professional such as a London temp agency is used.

Temporary Workers Can Offer Valuable Insight

Any new worker tends to offer a fresh and new perspective of the workplace to employers, hiring temporary staff on a regular basis means employers benefit from lots of different opinions and perspectives and these can often lead to workplace change.

Additional Skills And Experience

Many temps have high skill levels and expertise that often matches employer needs exactly. What's more, in situations where temporary workers don't match expectations it's an easy matter to end the contract and find another, more suitable temporary employee.

Temporary Workers Are Cost-Effective

Employing temps on a regular basis can be very cost-effective, as employers only need to pay wages for hours worked. This means there is no requirement to budget for fixed salaries, payroll costs or any other onboarding costs.

Temporary Employees Provide Greater Flexibility

As already noted, taking on temporary workers offers lots of benefits to businesses. Greater flexibility within the sector is a major reason to take on temps. All business organisations strive to remain as lean as possible within the contemporary environment and temporary workers can help ensure the lean business structure that's needed.

Meet Project Needs

Many organisations conduct business projects that require additional manpower. Taking on specialist temporary workers alleviates problems associated with transferring permanent employees to handle project work and ensures business objectives are met in full. Furthermore, many organisational projects require specialist skills that aren't normally essential in the workplace, so hiring temps provides all technical and specialist support needed without any ongoing commitments.

Temporary Workers Are Ideal For Solving Problems Associated With Growth And Expansion

Business leaders are often uncertain whether business growth and expansion can be sustained and this makes it difficult to make decisions on new hires. Temporary workers can plug this gap effectively and won't have any major impact on overheads or expenses.

There are heaps more great reasons to hire temporary workers, and businesses of all sizes have their own priorities and objectives. However, the business benefits of hiring temps on a regular or casual basis cannot be denied.


Published by Ruby Daub