A NASA invention originally for airplane seats, memory foam is a technologically advanced material that now finds use in numerous products of daily use as diverse as pillows and footwear. Memory foam is today also one of the most popular materials for mattress production due to its ability to deliver enhanced levels of both comfort and support. A quick look at the multiple benefits of memory foam mattresses:

Ability to Conform to the Body’s Contours

One of the biggest advantages of memory foam is that it can mold itself to the shape of the body of the sleeper with the application of pressure and heat. This enables the body weight to be evenly distributed without creating the pressure points that lead to discomfort and restless sleep. The mattress also has the ability to return to its normal shape after the pressure is removed, which means that the mattress does not sag or develop hollow points even though the same person is regularly using it.

Able To Deliver Relief from Pain

Since memory foam has the ability to perfectly conform to the curves of the body, no pressure points are created due to the misalignment of the of the head, shoulders, spinal column, and the hips. This means that the entire body can relax in comfort. The material also is able to detect the extra heat generated by pain points and support them better. As a result, sleeping on memory foam is far more comfortable and you wake up completely refreshed and without your body sore and aching. A demo of the Nectar Mattress will amply illustrate the comfort level that is possible.

Delivers Temperature-Linked Support

According to scientists, how well you sleep has a lot to do with your body temperature. Since memory foam is a material that adjusts itself to body heat besides weight and contour, it becomes softer with the increase in temperature allowing for a more restful sleep. During cold weather, memory foam is also a more comfortable sleeping surface as it has the ability to retain heat and provide extra warmth. However, if heat retention is an issue you can try out the memory foam mattress featuring a layer of cooling gel.

Reduces Allergies

Over its lifetime, a mattress becomes home to millions of dust mites that feed on the dead skin cells and hair that we shed when sleeping. Mattresses made from organic materials are also prone to become infested with fungal spores and bed bugs that can lead to various allergies and rashes. Memory foam, being a completely synthetic and very dense material,resists the build-up of dust mites, fungal spores, and insect infestations.


In addition to the benefits discussed earlier, another reason why it is so popular is its resistance to transfer of motion if you share your bed with a partner. When any one of the sleepers moves or tosses and turns while sleeping, the other partner does not get disturbed as the surface movement gets absorbed by the material.


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