Five years ago, when business executive Judy Weintraub explored how to get her workshop material into books for sales prospects, she stumbled upon the top secret marketing tool that every professional needs to know in order to build their brand, establish credibility, and grow their business .

After conducting extensive research into publishing companies, she realized that no marketing platform such as this existed yet. So this enterprising woman, with two flourishing legal practices, leveraged 20 years of legal expertise and business acumen to create one that took her whole life in a new direction.

She knew that writing a 250-page book would be very time consuming. “It is not as simple as taking the content and slapping it together against two covers,” explained Weintraub.  “I really wasn’t interested in spending a lot of time and effort to write a book.”

But she also realized that business executives like to have short lecture presentations. “They just want something quick and dirty that they can take with them, noted Weintraub, “and feel like they have learned a new trick or tip and then get on with their day.”

So by September 2011, when 25 of her business associates loved this idea so much that they wanted to produce their own books but didn’t know how, she didn’t become overwhelmed. Instead, this go-getter simply embraced the challenge.

Building the business

In the next seven months, she became an expert in the self-publishing industry, so that she could create a platform geared specifically for her business clients.

 Initially, because Weintraub knew little about publishing, she decided that helping other authors to get their books published would help her figure out the best way to do things. That meant taking courses, including video tutorials-- even reaching out to other publishing firms.

Weintraub launched Skill Bites, LLC in February 2012. This full service self-publishing company assists clients every step of the process from topic development to the book launch, providing multiple book layout and design options. Also, they can select   a strategic marketing plan that meets their needs and most importantly budget.

Streamlining the process

“As I learned about different mistakes that were happening, I learned ways to correct them,” said Weintraub. “So when I would present someone with a book layout, and they would give me a whole list of things that they wanted done differently, I thought: ‘Aha, I need to have questions for people to answer in advance so that the book layout meets their needs.’

She was able to develop and implement systems to do things more efficiently that shortened the publishing process for clients. “Business people don’t have a lot of time,” explained Weintraub, who completely understands her client’s needs and challenges. “So coming up with a process that was going to be quick and easy and convenient for them is what I was aiming to do.”

Weintraub noted that most of her authors do the writing themselves. “They have the expertise,” she explained,   “and it is a matter of getting it from their head to paper.” Therefore, she has put systems into place to guide the writing process, one where clients decide what amount of support they will need with the writing, editing, and proofreading.

Weintraub’s passion to help others has driven her to constantly find better ways to do things. She believes that every author who has gotten her book published is a great success."It’s so rewarding when clients call me all excited that they got their books delivered, and they look terrific. That’s such a wonderful feeling!”

Originally published in PWBN Magazine

Published by Lynda Art