Number 1 is VSCO

This is my favorite app for editing photos. It’s probably the best one that I ever used, on my phone. It has everything, from the usual: exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, temperature and so on, to the amazing filters! My most used ones are HB1, before that was F2, and black & white one B5. The catch is, that few of them you have to download (for free), if you want bigger choice, and if you want them all, you have to buy the rest. I was genuinely happy when I discovered this app, and it’s been almost 2 years since then.



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Number 2 is Google Keep

Google Keep is my favorite planner (which you can sync with your gmail account). I usually use it to write TO DO lists, or shopping lists… You have option with check boxes that makes it look so cute, and you can see what have you checked and what you haven’t so you can organize yourself for what to do and to see what you have already achieved or bought. I also have a calendar photo in it, school schedule and plenty more. I like it because notes look like post-it notes, and I use post-it notes so much in real life, but the advantage of Google Keep, besides the fact that they have really cute colors for them, is that you can help with buying less paper and with saving the woods!



Number 3 is TV Show Time

Having trouble with remembering which episode was the last one you watched? Well, I’m not, thanks to this lifesaver. I was so frustrated when I had to watch at least 3 beginnings of previous episodes, so I could finally figure out which one I haven’t watched. Also, every time friends ask you which TV shows to watch, your brain will freeze, but your app won’t. So, you can always have answers to those questions.



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Published by Borka Šaula