Every businessman, manager, a director has to interact with people constantly, thus he or she must be able to make a positive impression on them. To do this, he or she must develop communication skills. When negotiating and speaking at conferences, it's important to pay attention to your style of speech, change the tone when it's needed, express confidence in your words. Use the rules of business communication to develop profitable business contacts.

We recommend you to try to understand who your interlocutors are before your business conversation, think what you will talk about, what is the aim of your dialogue, what you want to get in the end. Have you prepared now? Great! Now it's time to think about the current tactics for a successful business conversation.

What you need to remember when having a business conversation

  • When you think about your business conversation, keep in mind that most people will remember the introduction and conclusion of your speech. Thus, the topic of the conversation must be designated as clearly as possible, and the conclusions must also be clear and meaningful. Make your speech convincing!
  • Asking a question to the interlocutor, don't interrupt him or her, wait until the person expresses his or her point of view. In this way, you will understand him or her better, show your respect and you will get his or her attention in the future.
  • You can't get rid of anxiety? Then try to get distracted. Think about the good and positive outcome of the conversation, for example.
  • Offering your interlocutors a definite service or a product, talk only about it. Don't talk about other things – it will confuse people.
  • A business conversation mustn't be boring. We offer you to use humor to win your interlocutors over.
  • Offering services and answering questions, keep confidence, even if you doubt yourself. The outcome of the business conversation depends on it.
  • People are being impressed by the facts the most. Your considerations, opinions, and remarks are also important. Select the facts and operate them competently, it will help to make your speech convincing.
  • Make eye contact from the very beginning of your negotiations. This will help to keep attention during the conversation.
  • The rules of business communication imply that a person should be well prepared for the conversation. Before starting a dialogue, think carefully about what you will be talking about and what results you want to achieve after the conversation.
  • Though you talk to educated people, don't use professional and highly specialized terminology. Your speech mustn't be boring. Explain complicated things in an accessible language if you want to be understood. Don't forget to make pauses during your speech. People will be able to grasp your information better then.
  • You can also use gestures during your business conversation. Pay attention that they must be natural and not too emotional. Don't wave your arms nervously, trying to explain something. Your gestures must be calm and measured. If you want to demonstrate something visually, make schemes and charts in advance. Demonstrate them during the conversation.
  • Following the rules of business communication, don't forget about your appearance. Clean shoes, well-ironed trousers - all this will not go unnoticed by the audience.
  • Don't forget to use simple psychological techniques during your business conversation to win over interlocutors. One of them is the method of pose reflection. It works simply: if your vis-a-vis crossed his or her legs, sitting on a chair, do the same. On a subconscious level, this will help you to win the sympathy and create a comfortable environment for dialogue.
  • Sitting at the negotiating table, feel free to offer help to interlocutors. You can lend a pen or a pencil to someone, for example. This will form a good attitude towards you and a person will be ready for further interaction with you.

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Published by Mohsin Ahsan