Instagram’s active user base touched 700 million recently. The social media giant is growing faster than ever. It is only natural for businesses to want to use this social network to their advantage. This is when they are hit by the discrete question of how to gain likes on Instagram.

To be up in your Instagram game you will have to unlock the keys to obtain more likes and followers. Now, you can do it either the fast way or the smart way. To help you make your pick we give you the lowdown of both the ways. So, let’s get into it right away.

The fast way to gain likes on Instagram

If you are to believe Google, each month more than a million people place their queries related to ‘Instagram likes and followers’ to the search engine. Is it any surprise then that there are countless blogs and YouTube videos offering tips on how to increase your Instagram likes instantly?

Among the most common tips and tricks suggested are:

  • Know and use popular hashtags
  • Download an Instagram app that will automate the process of increasing Instagram likes
  • Simply pay to buy a certain number of Instagram likes

Well, you can always opt for these methods, but there’s a catch. While they can bring you the desired quantity of likes, they can’t guarantee the quality. For instance, you may gain more than a 1000 likes or followers in a single day using any of these methods. But will these followers be really interested in your business? There’s too slim a chance of that. Additionally, many automation tools are known to violate Instagram’s policy. This can bring your ‘instant likes’ dream crashing down instantly.    

So, that leaves us with the smart way.

The smart way to gain likes on Instagram

There are certain ways through which you can gain likes on Instagram organically. These methods may take more time than the ‘gain-instant-likes’ ones. But they can bring you genuine likes and become the winning snap in your Instagram marketing endeavors. We bring to you five smart methods of gaining likes on Instagram.

1. Adopt hashtag monitoring to identify who fits your buyer persona

Daily monitoring of hashtags will give you an insight into the current trends of the market. Additionally, it will help you to find people who might be interested in knowing about your business by liking your Instagram account.

2. Use hashtag monitoring to get user generated content

If you monitor the hashtags in your niche, you are likely to come across Instagram users who have posted images of your services or products. Seek permission from such users to share their images on your account. In all probability, they will feel flattered and end up liking your account.

3. Jointly sponsor an Instagram contest with another user

A simple method is to join hands with another Instagram user and cosponsor a contest. Make it compulsory for the entrants to like and follow both the users to be eligible to participate.

4. Maintain a regular flow of Instagram posts

Consistency is something that you can’t avoid if you are to gain more likes on Instagram. So, make sure that you are consistent in sharing photos and videos of your business or products. This will keep your followers interested and help to gain more likes.

5. Do not forget to promote your Instagram presence

Make efforts to inform everyone around you about your business Instagram account. You can place a widget on your website that will enable users to visit your Instagram account at a click or a tap.

Published by Arina Smith