i have just gained a qualification diploma in diet fitness and nutrition so i am now able to advise people on food and having a healthy diet which i am very excited about doing this alongside my personal training..

so to begin these healthy ‘foodie’ blog posts – “here is a top 15 list” – and todays list is all about my favourite ‘healthy snacks’


  1. rice crackers, i love rice or corn cakes, with ham or cheese or peanut butter (a mix of carbs, fats and protein)
  2. oats, mixed with protein powder and chocolate shot or PB.. (mix of carbs, fats and protein)
  3. fruit mixed with yogurt (carbs, sugars, yum depending on the yogurt you can get protein and fats from this but consuming 0 or 2 percent total greek yogurt which is what i have and love)
  4. eggs on toast, beans added too (mmm, fats, protein, carbs and lots of fibre)
  5. nuts and seeds i love walnut and peanuts.. (i can’t have nuts as my sister is airborne allergic but i thoroughly recommend you having these to snack on, fats and protein in such a small snack)
  6. chopped fruit or veg such as apple or carrot (so easy to take when travelling, low in calories, micronutrients and carbs)
  7. tinned tomatoes on toast with marmite sometimes a sprinkle of cheese (wow what a combo and so healthy too)
  8. finely chopped salad, with nuts and seeds and added oil, rapeseed oil is better.. (made in the thermomix its even better)
  9. cereals! granola, oats, bran flakes, shreddies or special k (i love all of them with plenty of milk, they keep me going for ages)
  10. cup of tea one of my favourite snacks i feel like i can take on the world after a cuppa! (no calories either in tea, i have little milk and sweeteners)
  11. bagels! i am so into bagels at the moment my favourite is raisin and cinnamon, topped with usually choice spread or PB (they have great amount of carbs to keep me going)
  12. a green tea (herbal tea), s0 refreshing!
  13. granola, dried fruit and yogurt covered biscuits (its super yummy and healthy too)
  14. crackers, cheese and grapes.. (sounds like the posh dessert doesn’t it but its actually refreshing and give you a good boost of energy till your next meal, with carbs, protein, fats and sugar boost!)
  15. also love a jammie dodger too, oh whoops sorry this is the healthy episode.. i shall be doing another post on my “naughtier” treats i also love because lets face it we can’t be healthy everyday!
    thank you for reading the top 15 for today and hope that has helped you a little bit for healthy snacks ideas..

happy healthy eating!
much love J x


Published by Jaydyne Overton