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Youtube has so many of tutorials on it and it is often difficult to find the right beauty gurus for inspiration. From color correcting to holiday glam, I have created my top ten makeup tutorials from 2016. Starting with my favorite look from Teaira Walker.

1. Teaira Walker's gorgeous red look- The thumbnail alone shows just how beautiful this look is! Teaira's red eyeliner and red lip resulted in this beautiful strawberry makeup tutorial.


2. Kennedy Cymone's Holiday Glitter Makeup- Kennedy is another gorgeous youtuber and she recently created this holiday glitter tutorial. The winged liner make it even better!


3. Carli Bybel's color correcting guide-This tutorial is very helpful! Carli shows how to use the different color correcting shades. She also compares high end color correctors to drugstore color correctors.


4. Toni Olaoy's easy smokey eye tutorial- This beautiful smokey eye look was created with all affordable products. Toni made this this tutorial especially for beginners.


5. Leyla Rose's  go-to glam makeup look- This tutorial is gives a natural/glam look. The nude lip and eyeshadow are both super pretty.


6. Karin Jinsu's glowing skin and bronze eye- I first came across Karin on Instagram and I always loved her makeup looks. Luckily, she has started a youtube channel that has a few great tutorials already.


7. Tiana Cosmetic's Instagram baddie tutorial-Dark lips are my favorite so I instantly loved this look when I saw it.


8. Destiny Lashae's baking tutorial-Baking was very popular in 2016. Destiny's tutorial shows how to bake and make it look good on camera.


9. Nazanin Kavari's picture perfect makeup tutorial-This is another picture -related tutorial. I love Nazanin's personality and this natural but glowy tutorial turned out great.


10. Patricia Bright's chatty Makeup Transformation-I have been watching Patric for a while now so I really enjoy her chatty videos.


I hope you guys enjoyed these tutorials. Which one was your favorite?

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