Over at The Broke and the Bookish they do a top ten on Tuesdays which looked like fun. This week's theme is Ten Facts About Me, sticking to the book theme or any type theme you like. I will be sticking with the book theme.

Ten Facts About Me

  1. I've got a degree in literature, not because I love books. I do love books, but it's because I wanted to take a course where I had to do as little speaking in public as was humanly possible.
  2. My favorite novel all time is Dirty Weekend by Helen Zahavi.
  3. Despite having studied literature, I'm not impressed by the classics in general. I prefer pop lit.
  4. My thesis (i.e. one of the three I've written) was on Stephen King. How original (/sarcasm).
  5.  I break the backs of paperbacks as a way to let future me know that I've read this book.
  6. This is because I often forget which books I've read. I try to use GoodReads as a reminder. On more than one occasion I've started reading a book only to go 'Hmm, this seems oddly familiar..?'
  7. I can and have read books in 6 languages: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, French, German. Danish and Norwegian tended to be only during studies, because it was required, and I've studied French, but my level of comprehension is pretty much children's books, and while I could read in German, I'm mostly too damned lazy for it.
  8. I come from a family of readers. However, we don't read the same type of books at all. So we generally don't talk about what we read.
  9. I own two copies of The Second Sex, one in Swedish and one in English. I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to why.
  10. This is where I do most of my reading:1468337752813



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