If someone held a gun to my head and made me chose my favourite type of make up I most likely say lipstick. I wouldn’t label it as my must-have makeup, but definitely my favourite. Lipstick is a fun way to change and experiment with different any look. I remember when I first started out with makeup i’d wear a neutral eye, or just eyeliner then pair it with a different tone lip. When starting out with makeup you don’t want to go out and spend an extortionate amount of money so I thought I’d put together this easy guide for my top 10 under 10…

I thought I’d make this a series as well and do other starter makeup products that you may need, let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d like to see. Also, if you’d like to see my top 10 high end makeup products.

FYI: I love all these products so I haven’t ranked them in a particular order.

Without further ado, here are my top 10:


Number 1: Maybelline, vivid matte liquid- orange shot.
orangshotThis is a beautiful, vibrant colour and has excellent staying power. I can wear this lipstick all day for work and not have to reapply at any point. The consistency isn’t drying and doesn’t go crumbly at any point, it actually remains not quite matte in my opinion. It has a nice doe foot applicator which makes application swift and easy. The only thing I’d say is that I prefer to put two coats on just to make the colour as intense as it appears in the bottle.





Number 2: MUA, luxe velvet lip lacquer- tranquility.

tranquilityThis is an absolute bargain of a lipstick, coming in at only £3.00. The entire MUA brand is very affordable and great value for money. This particular lipstick is a gorgeous deep nude colour and the velvet like finish looks and feels beautiful on the lips. This lipstick dries extremely quickly and once it’s on it’s smudge-proof and I’ve also found it to be very water resistant.  The colour is highly pigmented and only needs one layer. I also like that it has quite a small sponge applicator, making it easy to get in to the corners on the lips. It has a lovely formula and is a great start for anyone.





Number 3: Freedom pro lipsticks- true power, juicy lips.

freedomThese next lips I put together as one because I couldn’t decide which one I liked more and they’re both from the same brand and kit. I brought this Freedom set of 5 lipsticks for £5 and all 5 of them were super gorgeous. Anyway, my top two were these two. The value for money is amazing as it works out that these lipsticks were only a pound each. You have the option of buying either 5 bold colours or 5 nude colours, but I think both sets have a nice misture of colours. The lipsticks have a sort of semi-matte finish and quite good staying power (roughly around 5-6 hour wear). They are extremely pigmented and glide over the lip effortlessly.





Number 4: Collection, lasting colour- blackberry fool.

bbfoolThis is my go to lipstick if I want to make a statement with my makeup that day. I find that although this lipstick is very dark it has very clear purple tones and can be layered over different lipliners to show as more purple or more black, depending on what I want. The lipstick glides on easily and is a nice formula. I always get compliments on this colour. The only thing is that this lipstick doesn’t have the best staying power compared with the lipsticks I’m mentioning. However, I do find that layered over a good lip liner the colour will stay in place for a few hours. Obviously, you can’t complain when you see the price. I got sent a tester of this lipstick so I don’t have the proper packaging, but I’ll attach a photo for you and you can see in the link below.





Number 5: Barry M- 168.

image (67)The name of this lipstick has rubbed off but the number is still there, I hope that helps. This lipstick is one of Barry M’s Satin super slick lip paint and I couldn’t agree with the name of these lipsticks more. The addition of shea butter in to the formula makes this lipstick so soft and conditioning on the lips. I feels lovely to wear and also has quite a nice smell to it. The colour is a lovely dusty rose colour and although the formula is very silky and light, the colour pigmentation is right up there. Another thing I really like is the packaging, Its very sturdy and the cap makes a satisfying click when it’s shut. I’m never cautious about throwing this lipstick in my bag, I know it will never come open and create a mess.


£ 4.49
Number 6: Rimmel provocalips 16hr- skinny dipping.
provocalipsThis is another liquid to matte lipsticks and comes in two parts; the liquid lipstick itself and then a clear ‘lock and shine’ gloss.The colour of this lipstick is a cool toned nude, more on the brown than pink spectrum of nudes. I find it very easy to apply and has a decent sized doe foot applicator. The product also smells really nice and reminds me of fresh coffee. The colour pigmentation is good and I only need to apply one coat. Also, the claims that colour lasts 16 hours is incorrect.. I’m sure this colour would last a minimum of 24 hours. I have to really scrub to get the colour off and that’s for a light colour. A double ended sword I guess. Without the top coat the liquid lipstick can be quite drying.The gloss doesn’t take away from the matte finish but just sort of conditions the lips and locks in the colour.
Number 7: Anastasia beverly hills dupe- milkshake.
milkshakeEveryone loves a dupe, especially when it looks identical to the real thing. The packaging is identical, if a little cheap but when you see the price you wont be disappointed. The product has quite an artificial perfumy smell but is very pleasant and the applicator is nice and easy to use. This particular shade, being lighter, does take a few coats to get a nice shade all over but once it’s on it stays in place all day.
$2USD/  £1.41
Number 8: Rimmel exaggerate lip liner- eastend snob.
image (66)I have two lip liners in this top ten and this is the first. This lip liner has such a full colour and can be worn on it’s own or with just a clear gloss on top and totally pass as a full coverage lipstick. The pigmentation is lovely and the light pink shade looks lovely under a nude lipstick to give some warmth to the colour. The consistency is lovely, nice a smooth and doesn’t scratch at the lips like some cheap lipliners I’ve tried in the last. This product uses a screw mechanism rather than the product being a pencil that you have to sharpen. This is good as it makes it very easy to apply and you never have to worn about not having a sharpener on you. However, I have found that you get less product in this type of packaging and the product can run out quite quickly, especially if used all over the lip.
Number 9: Rimmel lasting finish- cappuccino.
image (65)This is the second lip liner, this time a cool toned brown. This lip liner looks amazing under the provocalips liquid lipstick I mentioned at number 6. This lip liner claims to last up to 1000 kisses and although I haven’t actually tested that I believe it could be true, or very close to that number. The colour stays on all day even if the lipstick I’ve worn on top has worn off. The colour is really strong and again only stakes one swipe for a full coverage application. Because of the high pigmentation, this lip liner is good for over lining lips and still looking natural. The only down side to this product is that it is a pencil and so it does require sharpening every now and again. However, this does mean more product and I haven’t noticed having to sharpen it too often, even using nearly every day.
Number 10: Anastasia beverly hills dupe- party pink.
partpinkThis is my current favourite lipstick. It has exactly the same good qualities as the other ABH dupe I mentioned earlier, however, this colour has a better application and colour pigment. This only takes one layer and the lips are completely covered in this beautiful tone. The lipstick appears darker on the lips than in the packaging and is more of a wine/burgundy colour than a bright pink. The site I got these dupes on does come from China but I received these lipsticks within two weeks of ordering.
I hope you enjoyed this post, what is your favourite bargain lip product?
Keep an eye out for more bargain top 10’s..
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