Textile artistry is all around you. You can see it on your clothing and even your favourite woven home decors. During the ancient times, textiles were only for everyday use. People couldn’t appreciate the aesthetic value of textile and fabric before. While that way of thinking hasn’t largely changed today, an increasing number of artists actively encourage more people to appreciate this material.

Nick Cave

This Missouri-born fabric sculptor is best known for his work called the “Soundsuits”. It’s a wearable type of sculpture that comprises various kinds of materials, including hair, beads, plastic buttons and feathers. He created Soundsuits back in 1992.

Itchiku Kubota

Itchiku is a Japanese textile artist who is well acclaimed in the international textile community thanks to the Kubota exhibition. The collection is composed of more than a hundred pieces of uniquely designed kimonos. The International Chodiev Foundation has recently bought the Kubota exhibition after the Kubota Museum in the Yamanashi Prefecture suffered from bankruptcy.

Alexandra Kehayoglou

Alexandra is an Argentinian textile professional critically acclaimed for using tapestry in creating her art. Some of her famous pieces are the No Longer Creek and Hope the voyage is a long one. She created most of her tapestries from wool. She draws inspiration from the environment.

Pia Camil

Back in 2015, Pia Camil gave away around 800 ponchos for free. Her ponchos were all made from discarded fabrics. She gave them away because she believes that it will give her work a purpose. She is an earnest advocate of wearable paintings as she wants more people to start appreciating movable art in the future. One of her art pieces, “Espetacular talon (I)” is displayed at the Galerie Sultana in Paris, France.

El Anatsui

Instead of cloth, El Anatsui, from Ghana uses metal, from copper wire and liquor bottle caps to create his masterpieces. Most of his art tells stories about his materials and his childhood. He works with more than 30 assistants to crush and twist his raw materials. One of his famous pieces is the Timespace.

Judith Scott

Judith Scott from Cincinnati, Ohio is dubbed as one of the most significant artists of the century. Despite her difficulty coping with deafness and Down’s syndrome, she creates the most astounding pieces of fibre sculptures. Her works are in museums all over the USA, and some cities in Switzerland, London, France and Ireland. 

Textile artistry is very different from the rest because of the impressive way by which materials are manipulated and used to create highly aesthetic pieces. Textile art is a broad encompassing concept as it includes weaving, dyeing, crocheting, embroidery, tapestry-making and more.

Creating textiles and fabric alone is a highly laborious task, so imagine how hard it is to create art out of such materials. The artists above showed immense mastery in textile artistry. While some of them have already died, they continue to inspire more people to try the craft and create their collection of unique and vibrant pieces.

Published by Karen Anthony