A gentleman is always well groomed, he is knowledgeable without being overbearing, he is entertaining without being boorish – and, above all, he is always prepared. There are a number of things which make up a gentleman’s armoury, which help make him who he is and face the world. As part of the makeup of the man, here is a breakdown of the most important items to a gentleman.

A Rolex watch

It doesn’t have to be a Rolex but that is widely regarded as the classic watch for a gentleman. A Rolex is stylish without being flashy, it compliments anything from a formal suit to a simple polo shirt. It also serves as emergency currency. When young gents (and ladies) embark on their gap-year travels, it is often customary for their parents to gift them a Rolex. Why? Well because the name is recognized the world over, it can be bartered and traded for safety and assistance anywhere in the world.

Men’s beard grooming kit

Not every gentleman has a beard of course – but for those who do, a grooming kit is essential – you can read more about that here. A poorly maintained beard is going to look straggly, and feel like iron wool. That is a look that no self-respecting gentleman will put up with. A simple kit, containing beard wash, conditioner, oil and comb is a vital part of both the travel bag and everyday maintenance regime of any hirsute young man.

A bespoke suit

A gentleman should of course have several suits – though a number can be regular off the hanger numbers for day to day engagements and going to the office.  But to be a true gentleman, you really must have one bespoke suit – just one is fine, and it can be mothballed and brought out for special occasions but it must exist. Saville Row remains the preeminent place in the UK for a bespoke suit – though if you happen to be passing through you can still get a great suit for a fraction of the price in Hong Kong. If you’re only going to buy one, make it Navy or dark grey in colour.

A lighter

One – it doesn’t matter if you don’t smoke. Two – not a cheap lighter from the corner shop, a real one made of silver or gold. When a lady asks you for a light, you’ll be glad you made this investment.

An umbrella

The natural habitat of the gentlemen is of course the streets of the City and what happens in London? It rains. A lot. No amount of Saville Row style and no expensive haircut is going to last long in a downpour. Again, it is the style that is the most important consideration here – a wooden handle is a must.

A fountain pen

A wise investment, because frankly you won’t need to use it much. A good old ball point is fine for jotting notes or shopping lists, but to add a real air of gravity to, for example, signing documents, a gentleman will enjoy producing a fine fountain pen from an inside pocket.

Top tip – don’t keep fountain pens in your trouser pockets, unless you want to dye your leg dark blue. 

Published by Emily Rose