In case you desire to become a professional photographer, then commercial and product photography offers a rewarding career. But it has some exclusive features like working under tight deadlines and enabling to think on your feet in face of any unexpected issues.

You must also have good technical skills. Devote some time for learning fresh ways for shooting commercial photographs. Here are some top tips to excel in commercial photography which is taught even in the basic two months photography course in Delhi.

  • Consider the light:

Proper lighting is crucial for commercial photography. It can provide an amazing look to a product or it may result in ugly reflections and shadows, which will be a nightmare shoot. Professionals of commercial photography make use of specialist lighting  for getting  the maximum from  a shot, turning the product towards the fore ground and providing a focus that is crystal clear. You can even make use of strobe lighting to provide depth to product while photographing long range photos because this can transform a flat product’s look into an amazing three dimensional impact. You can make use of lighting boxes fixed under the product to take close photographs. You can even alter the camera shutter to provide maximum light to a product, if required. You may even shoot certain pictures in white and black which create deeper shadows and light for the product.

  • Set the mood:

Photographers  of high caliber go beyond using a background of white to provide attractive quality to a product. They know that in some cases, minimalist styling will not work. As a commercial photographer, it is up to you to create the right type of atmosphere.

First task is to install the right lighting. Home lighting may not suit all types of shoot. Hence bring in colored or dramatic lights  to create a superior mood. Next task is to ‘stage’ the product. Consider in what location the product will look right; for instance, photographing a chain saw in a living room simply defeats the purpose. So keep things in the right space.

You can decorate the product through decking it with flowers or any suitable decorative elements suitable for the product. In case, you wish to take an original or refreshing photo of the product, match the product with slightly incongruous items which don’t harm the looks of the product. For instance, in case you are shooting an object of round shape, enclose it with triangular and square items for contrast.

  • Try various angles

In case of commercial photography, photographing  a product straight-on is rare. In its place, attempt to photograph the object through different angles. Example is- if you are shooting a kettle, go close and take a photo in which the kettle takes only half the space in the shot.

You must photograph flat objects in the side angle and tall objects in below direction. When you alter the setting of a photo, it can produce dramatic effects.

  • Right equipment

With regard to any type of shoot, the right equipment can put you on the road to success. For instance, a tripod is great for commercial and product shoots. A tripod will provide stability which ensures that blurring will not appear in any shot. This is especially true for close-up shots. You will learn about other equipment in photography academys in Delhi.

These are some of the tips to help you master commercial and product photography.

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