One of the most attractive fences you will ever see anywhere is a wooden fence, and anyone will agree that wooden fences are still as popular today as they were a century ago. And while there may be other types of fencing, such as wrought iron, aluminium, vinyl, and more, wooden fencing is still a classic, elegant kind of fence which you can find in both rural and urban environments.


If you are replacing an old fence with a new one or are in the process of building a home and are thinking of having a wooden fence, you need to know that while wooden fencing can be quite innately beautiful, a little care and maintenance does go a long way. Proper care and maintenance for your wood fence are not that difficult, and more often than not, you just have to be mindful of how you treat the area around your wooden fence. Here are some top tips for maintaining the look of your wood fence.


Have it stained or painted


While the look and feel of natural wood are quite attractive to many, it simply wouldn't last long, especially when it is constantly exposed to the elements. Wind, rain, and sun can drastically affect the look and strength of wood, so what you should do is have your wooden fence stained or painted so it can last longer. Besides, the right stain or paint can transform the look of natural wood – it can make it look more vibrant and more robust, and its texture can become enhanced as well, as confirmed by specialists in fencing from Gloucestershire such as AB Fencing. Staining or painting your wooden fence is best done by a professional, although you can do it yourself if you have the time and knowledge. But if you make sure to have your wooden fence is stained or painted on a regular basis, you can be sure that it will last for a long time and look perfect as well.


Apply an anti-fungal spray or product


There are many anti-fungal sprays or products in local hardware shops, and you're sure to find one which is suitable for your wooden fencing. Even if your wood fence is stained or painted, it can still be susceptible to mildew, fungi, and damp, and you would want to remove any buildup of this as soon as it appears.


Aim water sprinklers at a different direction from your wooden fence


Water sprinklers and water from a hose can affect your wooden fence, as municipal water is often chemically-treated, unlike rainwater which is natural. The chemicals used to treat local water can lead to damage to your wooden fencing, so it's best to keep sprinklers pointed away from your wooden fencing. When you are watering the plants in your garden, try to keep the water from the hose away from your wooden fence as well.


Keep the area around the wooden fence clear


Another thing you can do to maintain the look of your wooden fence is to keep the area clear. Try to cut off branches or plants which come too close to the fence and keep soil away from the wooden fence as well. The soil, branches, and plants may have insects that can bore into wood, and you certainly wouldn’t want these insects to make their way into your wooden fencing.


Published by Zachary McGavin