Kenya is said to be one of the most breathtaking places on Earth. There are ample number things to do and surf over here. You can have a wonderful view of lovely sunsets in the Kenyan parks, waterfalls from mountains, beautiful lakes, the Great Rift Valley, beaches, springs, and a lot more.

Kenya has the world’s most famous and beautiful tourist destinations including, classic savanna safaris, forests, deserts, open plains, and more, that you can look for. It has a completely unique lifestyle residing at its various destinations, which itself is a treat to watch. Apart from all these places, it is rich in its wildlife. You can see a lot of wild animals over here. Moreover, you will also find the deserts and alpine snows, the metropolis of Nairobi and colourful tribal cultures. Also, you can fully enjoy the freshwater of lakes and coral reefs, along with treating yourself the beauty and scenery of the famous places over here.

There are lots of tourist destinations you can visit in Kenya. However, we are mentioning here some of the most famous and beautiful places that you can visit and enjoy.

Visit The Coast

You can completely relax and unwind yourself when you are in Kenya. When you find yourself viewing the beauty of the place, you will see camels walking along the beautiful white sand shorelines. The electric blue backdrop of crystal sea water will amaze you. The Kenya coast is the perfect place to have exotic experiences and water adventures both above and beneath the coast. It is also said to be one of Kenya’s seven administrative provinces outside Nairobi. The coast has a long and exotic history filled with Mijikenda and Swahili.

Masai Mara

Masai Mara is a very beautiful place to visit when you are in Kenya. You can view plentiful of wildlife over here. Also, there are many local tribes which are awesome to see. One of these local tribes is the Masai and you can see them adorned in jewellery. They have some of the most colourful clothing and brightly coloured red blankets. Frequently, you can get to see their homes from the inside, which will make you feel that how does it feel like living in unison with nature.


Samburu is the place where you will find the Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves and witness their unmatched beauty. This place is located in the northern part of Kenya. You can also find lots of endangered species over here. They are filled with their natural glory. Even at this place, you will find an amazing tribe enriched with brightly coloured attire. They are physically tall and are very regal.


Amboseli is said to be the most beautiful places on Earth depicting the African grasslands in the most amazing way. Here, you can visit Kilimanjaro, which is a snow-capped mountain. It offers a beautiful setting for wildlife and bird viewers. The terrain also includes swampy and desert lands, and it even consists of a ravine forest. This is a little piece of Heaven on Earth, depicting rainforest storms and beautiful African sunsets.

Lake Naivasha

You can visit this lake in just a few hours from Naivasha. It offers spectacular game and wildlife in their natural habitat. When you visit Lake Naivasha, you are very much likely to have an opportunity to have a view of large Kenyan beasts like the rhinoceros, the leopard, the lion, and more. Do not miss to enjoy the breathtaking view of these amazing wildlife.


Lamu is cuddled up in the surrounding villages and is covered by some of the most beautiful islands. It offers an appealing and picturesque view to nature lovers. It is said to be an irresistible place and you will find the locals very friendly over here. There is a lot of beauty and scenery to watch when you visit Lamu.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa. Very few people on Earth can claim to have climbed this mountain. But, who did so, can tell you the lush and amazing scene that it offers. You can appreciate the glory of this destination in person when you visit this mountain.


Tsavo is a huge game park located in Kenya. It is actually, situated in the middle of some very popular tourist attractions, and is also very close to the coast. So, you can treat yourself to the beauty of the place. It offers a great opportunity for safari. Moreover, Tsavo includes some of the most diverse landscapes in Africa. You can explore the wonderful wildlife and all sorts of nature over here. It also offers a viewing chamber and nature walks, as per your comfort and convenience.

Kenya offers some of the most beautiful tourist destinations you can enjoy with your family or friends. Apart from the places we discussed above, there is a lot more to explore in Kenya. Make your holiday more enjoyable with the best tour packages of Flamingo Tours.

Published by Ruby Daub