Thanks to the broad spectrum of WordPress Instagram themes, it would become really easy for integrating Instagram to your WordPress website. All the below-discussed themes have a wonderful solution for your striking Instagram profile.

Whether you seem to be a successful hotelier or someone who runs his own lifestyle blog, you need to be definitely a part of your community. You must necessarily join Instagram if you still have not managed to. You must create an Instagram account at the earliest. However, you must appreciate that you do not require being a blogger or hotelier to reap the benefits of the most popular social media platform such as Instagram. If executed effectively, every firm, every company, every brand or every creative person could be taking the maximum advantage out of Instagram as a social media platform.

By utilizing Instagram style WordPress themes; you could be flawlessly displaying your feed as well as, somebody else’s feeds too. Make the theme blend perfectly with your website’s layout by utilizing all the extra premium features.


A magazine and a blog style WordPress theme meant for all Instagram fans and Instagram aficionados. You would certainly be impressed by the theme’s extensibility along with the host of pre-built stuff it actually comes with. Authentic is regarded as one of the best and leading WordPress Instagram themes that you must explore in future if you still have not.

There would be social media buttons and customized widgets for the leading social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Your latest Instagram pictures would be appearing with a host of comments and likes. In this context, you must appreciate that visitors could be seeing the brilliant visuals and understanding exactly how popular you are on the Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app.

Often visitors would start following you provided they like what they find on your Instagram platform. Let your content go easily viral with the Authentic WordPress theme. Remember this theme could be custom tailored for fullest utilization of its potential. Visit for expert assistance and perfect Instagram marketing solutions.


You hardly need any effort with BuzzBlog apart from just a click on your mouse for launching your first ever blog. However, with the predefined materials and the functions, you would be wondering about various possibilities for coming up with the best design. In this context, you must know and understand that there are more than 60 diverse index pages, 12 blog layouts, and 5 ready-to-use headers to choose from.

The most splendid feature of BuzzBlog is the amazing full-width Instagram feed. This is a fairly straightforward feed with a wonderful hovering effect which would be providing all the extra information about each existing image. The stunning feed would be displaying hashtags, descriptions, comments, likes, hashtags and even those who are tagged in your picture. This implies that whatever you may have utilized on the Instagram, the stunning feed would be showing it for you. Thanks to the widget, the latest pictures posted on the Instagram account could be seen. When you choose BuzzBlog you seem to be having complete hold over the actual design of your WordPress blog scheme. Everything seems to occur automatically and there is no need for manual intervention. You could come up with a personalized style even if you have no knowledge about design or coding.

The Redwood Theme

The Redwood Theme is one of the best Instagram-centric WordPress themes out there. It is extremely popular among bloggers and is super adaptable to whatever context and niche it is applicable to, from food and lifestyle to DIY or journalism. A small blog can evolve into a sizeable business very quickly, which is why you should take a sustainable and scalable approach to your development. Instagram is a fantastic way to promote business as it allows you to engage personally with your audience and increase reach and goodwill.

You should also introduce your Instagram feed to your website so that visitors from all over the world are exposed to it too. The Redwood responsive theme has an excellent Instagram plug-in widget that will let you put your photos in the footer (full-width) or the sidebar. This looks awesome on your site and adds real value by blending your web design efforts with Instagram. Most visitors to your site might never have heard of your Instagram accounts, and driving them there might be mutually beneficial.

Kloe WordPress Instagram Theme

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you would simply love Kloe. This is supposed to be a multipurpose theme for WordPress and could be used for portfolios, blogs, businesses, and even shops.  Because of its high degree of flexibility, there would be absolutely no issues in making small adjustments and getting things set for a whole new industry. Kloe would be flaunting a different style and it could be used for making your life far easier and simpler. There are till now 9 homepage looks that are available to you, now you could easily launch a fresh new website with the help of Kloe and it would prove to be really impressive.

If you are thinking of launching your fashion-based site you could use the brilliant Kloe theme. Kloe would not need any coding expertise or skills. You simply require a little bit of clicking, dragging, or just dropping for building a website with Kloe. You could explore endless possibilities with Kloe. Use this to your fullest advantage.


You can have your WordPress blog set up in no time with the Piemont theme. It is extremely easy to use and will let you set up an elegant page to host all your content and articles. It allows for an exciting, smooth experience for your visitors, and will let you drive traffic between Instagram and your page. Piemont is the ultimate WordPress Instagram theme and allows you to install a widget anywhere on the site. It also provides a top-notch admin panel section for great customizability. There are a number of excellent demos they provide for travel, digital, food, interior design and so on. It goes without saying that savvier web developers will be able to get into the code and alter the CSS to suit their style and give their site the look they are looking for.


We have discussed just a few of the top WordPress Instagram themes. You may explore many more and choose the one best-suited to your website. However, you must give the above-mentioned top few themes a try.

Published by Harris Scott