I just want to make mention, that I appreciate "MAX OUT GAINS" on YouTube for nominating me for this challenge, and I am sorry it wasn't on a day that I could be 100 percent but women suffer every month LOL - not my fault. I did what I could with what I had available to me at the gym - planet fitness. My planet fitness does not have barbell free weights, so I had to use the smith machine (which is fine, because I am used to it by now). I also wanted to mention, YES! I look horrible on camera (which all of you should be used to by now) but it is because I was sweating and working out prior to the challenge.. sorry if my face scares you. I don't look good at the gym for anyone.. so I don't really ever look like Barbie. LOL - lower your expectations of me and everything will seem normal. 

I have posted - will post my workout I did today on both Instagram and on my blog, so be on the lookout, it was a hefty leg day. My camera man had me redo the first set of squats 3 times, so by the final time, my legs were ready to give up, which is why I said "I may not be able to do another 12 reps" on camera. Anyways, let me just say this.. I did my workout, my workout with my client, THEN the squat challenge, but before the challenge I had to redo my squat reps 36 times because the camera problems!!! MY LEGS HURT LIKE HELL! lol. I hope all of you enjoy watching me in pain! lol. 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxxx 

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