I recently saw a post on Instagram that read "Torn between if it's meant to be,It will be and   If you want it, go for it". For a while, this topic bothered me a whole lot because at the time I was also having the same problem choosing sides but thank God for the clarity I have now on this. 

In my personal opinion, IF IT'S MEANT TO BE, IT WILL BE! maybe not how you expect it to be or happen but it will eventually be. Don't get me wrong on this, believing it's meant to be doesn't necessarily mean you have to sit down and do nothing that helps or moves you closer to your goal but instead I believe it means that with even the tiniest effort and God's favour, results will be seen likewise when you go for it and it's not in your destiny/universe or calling, you can give it everything and still no result. My colleague said she's of the opinion that if you want it, go for it but if it doesn't sit well with you, let it go! 

Watching the animation All creatures big and small gave me more clarity sort of (Looool yup still watch animations). The story line here was about finny and his daddy Dave.   All their lives they tried to fit in, moving from deserts to forests to jungles all to no avail but difficulty eventually there was a flood coming, the flood was to be the biggest of its kind and an ark called NOAH's ARK was made available for some selected animals. Finny and his dad tried to get in to the ark by every means possible which funny enough they did get in but as events began to unfold, finny and his dad found themselves inside water(the flood) only to discover that they are sea animals. Imagine the shock and excitement! All these while they've spent their lives trying to fit in and really scared of water or anything fluid only to realise that they belong in water. The utter disbelief! This story brings me back to my earlier point, they went for it and kept hitting rock bottom up until life happened to them and they ended up in their rightful habitat which had it been they trusted the universe, they would have realised earlier in the story that they are sea animals.

I'm not saying my opinion on this is the right one or the best one. It's just my opinion and maybe it's influenced by my Christian faith that's taughy me to trust in God regardless of what I am faced being with. 

So what type of person are you? The IF IT'S MEANT TO BE, IT WILL BE PERSON or the IF YOU WANT IT, GO GET IT person?  How well has it worked out for you?

Published by Adaora Uduchukwu