LIDIJA is the designer label that represents confidence and strength. A family woman, her clothing is reflective of her own lifestyle. Designed for the woman who is “strong, confident and beautiful in every way,” and she knows it. The line features bold, rich colors, and the designs are practical – Truly great clothing for everyday wear. The LIDIJA line is created to inspire compliments, from others taking notice. Styles are not overly extravagant, and motivate people to say: “You look beautiful today.”

LIDIJA designs for women who are dressed to express. The shades used in the line are very precise; For example, this dress in its beautiful, blue hue. The blue color is used to communicate the message, “I am strong.”

The evening wear in this line shows a lot of personality, as well. The clever detail, accentuating this magnificent gown, is reflective of protection and strength with a theme of glory.


Versatile styles like this sweaterdress are good choices for days that involve both indoor to outdoor transitions – A great, comfortable number for Fall. Doubling as outerwear, looks for fall are conservative and classy, giving you great style, while keeping you covered. The bold color is representative of a confident woman with power.


The use of white represents a woman who is “beautiful in every way.” These polished skirt sets, using white as an accent color, are classy designs that can be worn to work.


Stylish looks for the strong, sophisticated woman


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You look beautiful today!


LIDIJA is being showcased at the Toronto Fashion Show Gala in Toronto on October 14. Reserve you tickets here:

Published by Jennica B.