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OMG. I fell in love with another one of Melissa's Hero's.

Janie is very independent. Even though she is almost completely blind. She does not let anything get her down or get in her way. She left home to get away from her over-protective parents.

Boyd is an all around great guy who puts on this front that he is something that he's not. He makes out like he is a playboy so nothing or no one will get in his way of his goals, going to medical school. That is how he has been able to protect himself from getting hurt or from hurting someone else.

Boyd had been flirting with Janie for a few months at her work to keep his feelings that he was starting to feel for her at bay. He figured she would not be interested in a playboy so he kept that up until one Friday night when she had an accident. That is when everything changed.

She hated being hurt because she didn't like relying on anyone. But, that is what has happened. She didn't give in too easily but in the end she allowed Boyd to help her. Her best friend was out-of-town and she didn't want to have to call her parents. They would be on her to moved back home with them.

The more time they spent together the closer they become. Boyd was done fighting his feelings for her and was ready to let them take him where ever they need. The only thing standing in his way was medical school, and the nightmares of his past. He knew he needed to tell her about them but he just couldn't find the courage, even though she has shown him over and over that she is willing to fight her fears but he just can't seem to man up and do that.

Later on something happened. I am not going to tell you what it is because I want you to read for yourself, but I will tell you it is worth the read. Even when my heart hurts for a little bit in the book. Here are some questions to ask that you will find the answers too.

Does Boyd and Janie work out?

Does he confront his past?

Does he get into medical school?

If he does make it in to a school does he accept the offer?

Janie is up for a promotion does she get it and if so does she take it?

These are things that happen and you will be able to find the answers too. I really hope you enjoy the book.

Here is a link to the book incase you have not read it yet.

Touched by love

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