Twenty One Pilots is only the second band I have been able to deem my favorite. In high school I loved The Spill Canvas, but when my friend introduced me to the simple yet chaotic sound of Twenty One Pilots I knew I had found a new love. I could probably come up with 1,000 reasons Twenty One Pilots is the best, but I’ll just stick with the TØP 4.

1. The Sound

Twenty One Pilots’ sound is unlike any other. It’s electric beats with heavy drums, piano, bass guitar and the occasional ukulele. What sound can beat that? It’s intense, it can be danced to, it gets you pumped up, and it sounds amazing live.

2. The Vocals

Tyler Joseph, lead singer/songwriter/random instrument player, is a massively talented man who should be appreciated by all. He is able to rap really fast and he has an amazing vocal range. Each of their albums has a different feel to it, and on each Joseph’s voice has a different quality to match this. Hearing his voice makes me happy. Hell, I’d probably listen to him sing a grocery list, let alone the songs he actually wrote.

3. The Lyrics

For me, music is about more than the way it sounds. It’s about the meaning behind the lyrics as well. And let me tell you, lyrics do not get more uplifting or motivational than Twenty One Pilots’ lyrics. Their lyrics are meant to get you thinking, to help you find ways to overcome something (like depression), and to help you be a better person in general.

4. The Live Show

I saw Twenty One Pilots live before I had really gotten into their music, but damn that show got me excited about them. I have now seen them live 3 times and would love to see them 10 more times at least. Their shows are high-energy light fests filled with stunts, goofy comments, awesome covers, and a feeling that you belong to something bigger than yourself. Not only do you get to be in the same room as Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dunn, you get to be a part of their world. They end their shows with a bow and by saying, “We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you.” And at the end of the show you really feel that it’s true.

If my words about them haven’t convinced you that Twenty One Pilots should be your new favorite band, you can learn more about their awesomeness or go check out some of their music. It could change your life.

Published by Kristina Hemmerling