Have you ever made a mistake  that you just can’t get over?

Especially when you screwed over someone you thought you’ll never lose?

I am the kind of person who would get over anything and everything , like , hot water with parents , or a mock from a teacher , criticism from a family member etc.

But there is one relationship that I’ll never learn to get over if I screw it up .” Friendship ”

It’s a real pain in the ass when you get  deeply connected to someone through emotions , and then after sometime , the moments you spent together are nothing but memories  and traces left to torchure you .

And I seriously breakdown if I accidently go through some of our old emails and text messages , or a ride at an amusement park .. and even a pretty bracelet a friend bought me from her holiday trip.

The kind of person I am , I seriously would do anything to get things back to normal , and get back to the way we used to be….

But unfortunately for me , I screw up every single relationship by going ” ME! ME! ME! “..

I think I need to learn the philosophy of sociology … because I always ruin things in the first place , I have no right to put blames on people…

All I do is hope for the best…


What advice would you give to a sociology noob?

If you care about this messed up generation and miserable people like me , comment below some of your hacks for societal issues

( no joke I’m for real )

PS that bracelet in the picture is actually a gift from a long lost friend of mine..

Published by Ghayda Mirza