It's where valleys and swamplands ordain philosophers and make penchant the word, we. It is also where our own creatures come out of solitude, forming life-like skin to walk voice and print as if anyone else might recognize the species. Tragedies are where, emotions burn into wildfires and too quickly take the landscape. Yet, it needs to burn apathy and silence to ash.

There are a few places known when tragedy strikes in our world, two of them being either affected or apathetic. We can certainly mosey along to other places often empty enough to move freely within when trying to understand the difference.

It is where neither your voice nor mine have to be in earshot of the affected - if given to distance or apathy. Because no amount of intelligence or gifted, poetic verse can elicit forgiveness of personal ignorance.

And it is where the realization strikes that our own nocturnal creatures have been formless for too long by what might have been deemed insignificant. Perhaps through tragedies, ours and others, the ordination is vulnerability and self-awareness where priestly acts are fulfilled by astutely listening to the world's confession.

Or perhaps this is where a mountain exists too high to really see anything down below.  


Published by Tammy Mezera