'After many tumultuous years spent grappling with the past, Jenny Hooper might have expected her latter years to be the best of her life, and they are - until tragedy strikes. Left floundering in a house full of memories, not all of them good, Jenny knows a reckoning is in order.

But it won't be easy. History is beginning to repeat itself for Jenny's adopted daughter, Trudy, who finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship. Jenny and her older daughter, Georgie, can only stand by and watch as Trudy's life implodes.

Meanwhile, half a world away in the UK, Cara and her husband Morrie nurture a devastating secret that keeps them at arm's length from Jenny.

But most of all, Jenny wants to renew contact with the beloved son she lost decades before when she was at her lowest ebb. Only that, and having the chance to tell him the truth about what happened, will give her peace. But is it too late?'

I didn't love this book.

I really wanted to like this book, and at times I did, but it just fell flat overall. I loved the idea of the story and I was interested and seeing it play out, yet it was so choppy and hard to follow at times, that I found myself losing interest in what was actually going on.

There were so many characters to get to know, and I felt that now of them were fully developed. This made it difficult for me to really care about what was happening with them.

I also had big issues with the writing. I had bad pacing to start with. I would get on a good flow and then it was like hitting a wall. I found it really jarring.

My biggest issue with the writing was not knowing who I was reading about. I'm not a huge fan of multiple points of view at the best of times, but it really annoyed my in this book.

As there were no headings or markers to tell you that you had changed points of view,  I would be reading a new chapter and all these new characters would appear and I had no idea what was going on. This made for a very irritating reading experience.

This book had a lot of potential, unfortunately it just wasted it.

Trails In The Dust by Joy Dettman is out now.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker