Hello TWD lovers and zombie movie lovers alike!

I thought my faith in zombie movies or shows was long gone during that time when they were literally everything what the tv offered and that the highest point they had reached was a parody comedic movie, which had somehow surpassed the original serious ones (peace!). 

I have never watched TWD. But my brother and I have been a big fan of Night of the Living Dead and its subsequent films (brains!), and the famous Resident Evil. I also used to have nightmares about the terrifying cries from the Witch in the Left 4 Dead video game series.

After watching Train to Busan, my faith has been restored. I thought there's nothing left that this movie has to offer that I have not seen before. 

The story is basically about a father making up to his estranged daughter by getting her to her mother, who lives in Busan, by riding the train. And, of course, a virus struck which turns everyone into zombies, like in mere seconds (that's a new word for me by the way - estranged). 

There are a lot of characters in the movie that have moving stories. I'm amazed by how the story made each of them very special that his or her death was extremely felt by viewers, which caused a lot of agitation and upset against the antagonist (and I don't mean the zombies). 

And, even though, the zombie chase is as spectacular as every good zombie movie out there, the thrill would still excite the viewer, especially when you're in a cinema and you're deeply moved by the characters, that you find yourself screaming, not by fear from the very agile zombies but fear for the protagonists' lives. Put aside the fact that the screenplay is a bit coy and generic about the genre cliches, the actors have proved it otherwise. 

The movie did not fail on showing off its visual and special effects as well. I love the way they produced the film, from an eerily mysterious start to a thrill-ride climax. 

I know this is generally a zombie movie. But, if you try to look a bit closer, this movie is more than that. It depicts what the society has nowadays - class conflict.

I hate that it was always compared to World War Z. And yes, I've watched WWZ and although they have the same plot with TTB, Train to Busan has more substance while World War Z just leaves a confused, lousy drama.

With all that in mind, it's a two-hour awesome and compelling thriller drama that will leave you in tears. And that's how you make a zombie movie guys!!!

Published by Jenny Lou Cruzado