So Tuesday 23rd of August – coach hit the pause button on my holiday! the warm weather training really began. 

Coach put me through some efforts which were up hill, it was hot, sweaty and very hard, but they were brill and lets be honest i loved it!

Why do i do it? – the hill efforts affect the body differently, they train the heart and lungs different to steady state cardio, and they affect the muscles differently also, so i can become fitter, stronger and then in different races and different terrain i can be quicker, stronger, and adapt better.

I worked hard and pushed myself, i try to work consistently, strong every time, as each one hurts a little more.. “pain is only temporary” (i hear this from coach before an effort!)

Where was it? – this session was on a hill in praia da Luz, by the cliffs next to the sea, also next to some apartments, people and cars come down this road but not too often so that was good i had lots of space to myself.

When was this? – Tuesday 8am, the sun was up, it was up already it always is here, it wasn’t too hot till about 9:15am, by then its getting warmer and when your working out you can really feel the heat and sweat so very much.

How? – basically my session was 2 sets of 4 efforts so 8 in total and a rest in betweeen the sets of about 5-10 mins. The distance was about 60-80 metres up hill. I ran towards my coach/dad and a tree was my finish line which i aimed for and on my last one fell at haha, the ATP was gone haha! The session was fun, tough and very rewarding once done, the legs ache, the chest kills me and the lactic is crazy, in my hamstrings and bum! Ha, but for some reason i love it!!

After the efforts, a jog and walk home was done, then lots of food and drink to refuel. I also had a dip in the cold pool to refresh my body and muscles.

Then after that the holiday resumed again! Woo starting of by getting washed followed by catching the rays! I love my training and my holidays!

Happy Holidays
Much Love J x

Published by Jaydyne Overton