Surrounding yourself with good friends makes life that much better. People come in and out of your life but when you realize which friends are there to stay it’s important to learn how to keep those relationships as strong as they can be. When I break down what being a friend means to me these are some of the important qualities that come to mind.


Forgiving: People make mistakes. We’re all trying to find ourselves and figure out what makes us happy but in the meantime we sometimes forget about everything else in our lives. New relationships often lead us get so caught up in being happy that we forget the ones that have been there from the beginning, or we get so caught up in our work lives that our relationships dwindle. When/if your friend comes back during a low point and expresses that they’ve messed up and need you, just remember we’re all trying to find our way. Forgive, discuss and guide them in the right direction.


Real: As much as we don’t like to hear the truth, we are always happy to have that one person who will give it to us straight. Being real doesn’t mean being cruel or harsh, if you can share your opinion or perspective without offending the other person; you’re doing something right. It’s all about the delivery.


Inspire: Friends should motivate one another to be a better person. Be the reason they pick themselves up and keep going. Take the time to show them how much you believe in them, understand them, and accept them.


Excitement: When your friends come to you with news, be excited for them! They’re coming to you for a reason; therefore, they don’t need negativity or a boring response that makes them feel you don’t care. When my friends are excited about something, it makes me feel the same way. Their happiness is my happiness. You’re the person they want to share this type of experience with. Don’t be the reason they stop coming to you with life updates.


Need: People don’t just want friends they need friends. Life is tough enough as it is but going through it alone makes it that much more difficult. Your friends need you not only through the good times but the bad as well, so you have to be prepared to be there for both.


Dry Your Tears: Your friends come to you for comfort. A good hangout with your friends has the potential to change perspective, get you back on track, and remind you how much you’re loved. Be the type of person that your friends want to come to in order to make them feel better. Be their outlet.

❥ A.

Published by Amanda Christina