When I started my first year of graduation I wasn't just another nerd. I was among a bunch of nerds and I was the biggest of them all. My most defining feature was my plum face with unkempt facial hair - not mature enough to be called a beard, yet grown enough to be define me as a super nerd from a distance, even before my face was clearly visible. My slouch on a 6 feet body and round horn-rimmed specs completed defining me as a Chennai boy, trying to camouflage as a Delhi kid.  "I am too cool to worry about looks", I told myself on the outside because I knew I could never compete with those good looking real Delhi kids. This was my way of commemorating JSS, my engineering college; the defeat that defined me. JSS for me was not just failure. It was actual defeat. I had quit my second attempt at cracking a good graduation college because I chickened out. 

Come spring break and all my cousins pounced on me to look decent. Not handsome, not attractive, forget hot, but just decent. I eventually gave in to the fancy of experiencing what life of ordinary 'young boys' meant and decided to give it a shot. I was put through a series of salon treatments which made me feel more like a human guinea pig.

Initial effects were impressive. It started to show from my upcountry trip to my relatives' where my aunts friend couldn't get her eyes off me. A month later when college resumed, the world was a different place. I seemed to be the center of everyone's attention. Right from girls who never noticed me to teachers whom I never wanted to notice me started complimenting on my looks and eventually became friends with me.

Overnight my hidden childhood passion of automobiles became known to the world and I got an invitation to be a part of SAE. Society of Automotive Engineering - words that would some day change the dimension of my career in ways I couldn't even imagine before. 

Today I am alone. I am a misfit again. Maybe it is life's way of saying that I need another transformation. Only this time it isn't as easy as a haircut. I haven't figured out what this transformation would entail but I just hope am able to find it before I run out of patience and sanity. 

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