Transmission is one of the most important parts of a vehicle’s system. The transmission or the drivetrain is the system that transmits the power from the engine or motor to the wheels of the vehicle, thus allowing it to move. If the transmission is not working properly, then the entire working of the car suffers from the lack of power and it will be rendered non-operational. Consequently, the vehicle’s performance suffers drastically. It is necessary, therefore, to ensure that the transmission is regularly cleaned and the transmission fluid service is carried out from time to time. Also, one must take into account and always pay attention to the subtle hints that the car gives if the transmission is malfunctioning.

Benefits of Transmission Fluid Service

It is always good to have regular transmission service for your vehicle is done to ensure optimum performance of the system. There are various benefits associated with it are;

1. Helps in Avoiding Transmission Breakdown:

Due to the presence of contaminants in the transmission fluid such as metal shavings, sludge, grease, etc., the liquid gets very hot once the vehicle starts to run. This hot transmission fluid with contaminants is very bad for the transmission, as the transmission also gets hot. Due to the heat generated, the system may malfunction, thereby causing damage to the transmission system as a whole. The resulting effect is damage to the vehicle, reduced performance, and huge costs of repairs. Getting a transmission fluid service at regular intervals helps in avoiding such occurrences of malfunction to take place, which may cause severe after-effects to the vehicle if left unchecked.

2. Less Stress on the Engine:

What happens when the transmission is not working properly? If your vehicle has a faulty transmission system, or if it is in need of a flush or service, then the transmission would not work properly. The gears do not transmit the power generated by the engine or motor to the wheels, and thus when you put extra effort into driving faster or pulling more torque from the vehicle, the pressure that is put on the vehicle is enormous. But when you get a transmission fluid service, it ensures that the transmission is letting the power generated by the engine properly and completely transmitting it to the wheels. Consequently, the pressure applied to the engine would be nominal.  

3. Fuel Economy:

If you have a well-tuned and properly serviced transmission system, then the engine load would be optimal. When that is the case, the amount of gas consumed by the engine will also be optimal. Thus, a good transmission and fuel economy have a direct relationship, which cannot be overlooked.

4. Reduced Repair Costs:

As stated earlier, the transmission is an integral part of the power train of your vehicle. In case the transmission is left unchecked and uninspected, then slowly it will start to have sludge and other contaminants will start accumulating in the transmission fluid. The consequences will be reduced performance, and even in certain cases, a total breakdown of the transmission system. As a result, the cost of repairs that you might have to cover in the end would be enormous. It is, therefore, smarter to incur a relatively smaller cost of getting the transmission flushed or serviced by a transmission fluid service provider on a timely basis, or as and when the transmission shows you symptoms of malfunction.

5. Improved Life of the Transmission:

If you care for your transmission system and if you get it regularly checked and serviced, then it will have a much longer life than otherwise. This is true with any machinery and therefore is true for your transmission too.

Just like any machine, your transmission needs regular servicing too. Getting a good transmission fluid service will help you have ease of mind and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your vehicle for much longer and in a much better way.

Published by Evan Javier