• Sex
    • The sexual organ which one is born with at birth i.e. penis or vagina or both (intersex)
  • Gender
    • The sex one chooses to identify as i.e. tomboy, femboy, etc.
  • Transsexual/Transgender
    • A person who emotionally and physically feels that they belong to the opposite sex

Now that we got that out of the way, I would like to start with the obvious issue at hand here. The fact that people are so against transsexual people. First off, let’s start with the reason for this post: a good friend of mine informed me this morning about a new law that’s threatening to pass as a way, of what I personally view as, an invasion of privacy and direct discrimination.

I’ll admit that I don’t know the entire story, but what I can tell you is that there’s a vote for transsexual people to be denied their human right to associate with the sex they view themselves as. Since I can’t go into full-on detail about the one responsible for this downright smack in the face, let’s call him “Mister T, destroyer of dignity and basic human rights”.

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