Recently I wrote an article about my new workout routine to get in shape for my next travel. While having and sticking to your workout routine day after day, week after week, is essential, what is more important is having a well define nutrition and diet plan.

You know what they say “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet!”

What is your goal?

Is it to lose weight or pack on some muscles?

Losing weight has never been a problem for me but when it comes down to gaining weight, it seems like an impossible task.

Find out your macro and calories intake

Macro means the number of grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats you consume per day.

Use the site or any other macro calculator online, you can find out what your macros and calorie intake per day are. Just fill in your information and at the bottom of the page, it shows what you need to consume per day for each macro.

For example, here are mine.

6 feet tall weighing about 185 lbs. My goal is to bulk up to 210 lbs.

  • Protein = 185g
  • Carbs = 433g
  • Fat = 65g
  • Calories = 3056

I would have to eat around this amount each day to achieve my goal. As you can see, my carbs are high but that’s completely acceptable if you’re eating the right kind of carbs, getting in your daily exercises in, and if your goals are to bulk up

Small or big meals?

This one really just depends on you. I know plenty of people that eat big meals and have great results. But I also know plenty of other people (including me) that do small meals that get the results as well. Like I said, it’s your preference.

Start small and slow

This goes for your exercises as well. My tip would be just start small. Start with drinking water only and walking around the block for a few days. After doing this for so many days or weeks, you’ll be wanting to up your intensity. Next you may be eating more veggies than snacks and start jogging instead of walking.

The point is, don’t start out too fast and big. If you’re not accustom of doing these things, the initial momentum will die off and you’ll be back eating those snacks!

Let’s get fit for our next travel!

I truly believe it’s all these little things we do before our trip that can either make us really enjoy it or be too embarrassed to go to the beach.

I know from experience that it can have an effect on your trip to a certain degree. Other examples consist of going on a hiking tour but you’re too out of shape to reach the top of the mountain.

Don’t go on a self-pity trip (I used to do this all the time and it got me nowhere), instead go do something about it! The next travel you have plan, promise yourself you’ll be in the best shape of your life and I hope I can somewhat help you on this journey we’re all on!

Cheers and come visit me at See you there!

Published by Duy Dang